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Livable Wage Chicken Comes Home to Roost January 2, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Perhaps 2017 will be the year when liberals realize that most businesses are not pots of money to be tapped to support their favorite causes. Causes like the “livable” minimum wage:

Los Angeles County used to have more than 5,000 apparel factories; today, my company is one of roughly 2,000 — and  many (e.g. American Apparel) are looking for a way out. One Los Angeles Times headline, quoting a California State University economist, warned that “the exodus has begun.”

The biggest reason is the minimum wage, which will rise to $15 by 2021 in the county and by 2022 statewide.

The author of the article runs a small apparel factory that he’s moving to Vegas. Half of his employees are staying in LA, which means they now have to find jobs. Yay livable wage advocates!

Turns out that businesses are based on hard realities, not fanciful notions of justice.


1. retiredgeezer - January 2, 2017

imma just threadjack this real quick:

Dave in Texas made it into Legal Insurrection:


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