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Celebrate Good Times, Come On! January 8, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air has a post on hate crimes:

Don’t celebrate the Chicago torture crew being charged with a “hate crime”

The door was opened to all of the nonsense we’re seeing today when Rehnquist declared that, “a defendant’s abstract beliefs, however obnoxious to most people, may not be taken into consideration by a sentencing judge, but that the belief is no longer abstract once it provides the motive for discriminatory action.”

Once that bit of insanity was in the books, everyone felt free to begin passing more “hate crime” laws than you can shake a stick at. So now that we have these charges against the Chicago hoodlums, you might want to rein in the end zone dancing. Just because liberals get away with doing something stupid all of the time, it doesn’t become any smarter just because you turn around and employ the same tactics.

I understand his point, truly I do. But this is the same fallacy that plagues discussions of government subsidies. I am against Social Security because I think it should be the individual’s right and responsibility to prepare for retirement, but I’m certainly not going to turn the money down if it’s available when I retire. That would be stupid.

The point is, we can imagine a better system, i.e., one without Social Security or silly hate crime laws, but we live in this system. And in this system the best we can ask for is that we be treated equally and fairly. And get while the gettin’s good.

In a world where we’re told that racism against whites isn’t racism (rank idiocy, but you hear it every day), it’s nice that the authorities acknowledged that yes, hate crimes and the definition of racism apply to everybody.

So I say celebrate away, but don’t stop trying to make it a more rational world.


1. Cathy - January 8, 2017

Agree with you, Geoff.

Hate crime stuff is stupid. Most people who intentionally hurt and abuse others are being hateful. Duh. The right to defend ourselves is a given. Even Scripture judges hate and acts against other human beings similarly and expects us humans to look into our own hearts for our darkness. But to say that one can know the intensions or the heart of another human being and project whether or not it was hate and then state that crime is more severe is simply stupid.

I hurt inside for the young man, who happened to be white, who was so badly treated by the Chicago Four who happened to be black. Yes. Kinda obvious they hated him given what was recorded. But those young creeps have a lot of bad going on. No conscience. No humanity. No compassion. Little sense of right vs. wrong. I have a hard time thinking they are capable of treating their fellow black citizens much better than they treated the young white man. I wonder if any of them will be able to behave as law-abiding citizens in our communities and not be dangerous to any of the rest of us ‘normal’ folks.

But the political agenda to look at our skin color, culture, gender, and all that crap to make judgments and punish based on whether it’s a hate crime or not gives others a power that is not theirs to have. No one can truly look into the heart of another.

Our governing authorities should stay servants of the people, show some humility, know their limits, and simply judge the acts based upon the findings of fact as best they can. Period.

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