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Pelosi Lies Like an Antique, But Newly Stretched, Rug January 13, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Nancy Pelosi has always excelled in obfuscation, but in this case she has surpassed herself:

“When President Obama stood on the steps on the Capitol eight years from next week, the [budget] deficit was $1.4 trillion ā€” one year deficit,” she said. “It’s reduced by 70 percent in his administration.

First of all, FY09 was a disaster, and a single year of Deciding the blame for the FY2009 budget deficit is always hazy, but the bottom line is this: when President Obama stood on the steps on the Capitol eight years ago, the CBO projected the deficit at $1.2 trillion. So she’s a little high.

But it gets more ridiculous. Bush proposed a budget of 3.16 trillion, but the Democrats (led by Reid and Pelosi) pushed through a $400 billion increase, giving a budget of $3.54 trillion. So Bush’s share of the deficit is now down to $800 billion.

The way I count it though, at the beginning of FY09, the deficit was projected to be $438 billion. That’s the budget Bush wanted. So here’s my final tally, which I think is accurate and fair:

Bush’s Deficit: $440 billion

Pelosi’s Budget Deficit (signed by Obama): $430 billion

The Recession: the balance (~$540 billion)

If you want to assign the recession money to Bush or Obama, you’d have to give Obama $200 billion and Bush the remainder. That would give Bush $780 billion and President Obama (and Reid and Pelosi) $630 billion for FY09.

Here’s a great graphic that talks more about these Pelosi-esque distortions of the truth.

She has a tremendous amount of gall assigning responsibility for the Omnibus spending bill to Bush, when that was her baby all along.


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