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Liberal Recalcitrance on Voter IDs January 26, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

The actual magnitude of illegal voting is obviously subject to debate. But I’d rather talk about voter ID at the moment. I’ll attempt to sum up the controversy in a few lines:

Conservatives: We want voter ID because we think you guys are effing cheaters.

Liberals: There is no cheating and you just want voter ID because you’re racist and want to suppress the minority vote.

Conservatives: There’s no way to measure cheating without IDs. Look, we’ll spend the time and money to make sure that every legitimate voter has ID. Just humor us.

Liberals: No. Racists!!

To which I say: there are many ways to measure the Left’s sincerity on this issue. An organization:

  1. That spent a good deal of time after the 2008 and 2012 elections bragging about their modern, internet-based, database-driven political machine that reaches out to voters on an individual basis,
  2. That routinely canvasses neighborhoods to register voters, and
  3. That supplies buses to take disadvantaged voters to polling stations,

could obviously assist voters without ID to obtain some form of acceptable identification.

Instead they’ve dug in their heels and played the well-worn race card.

Meaning they’re effing cheaters.


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