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Obama Legacy: Sugared Soda January 26, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

This one isn’t particularly serious, and it really relates to Michelle, not Barack, Obama. Michelle made kids’ nutrition her pet issue, pushing healthy student lunches and pretending to personally tend the White House garden. While there’s nothing wrong with caring about kids’ nutrition, I felt that most of her efforts were unrealistic and heavy-handed.

So it is with some mirth that I view this chart from the Washington Post:


Way to go, Michelle.


1. lauraw - January 29, 2017

Clearly this chart proves that we have reached subsistence-level pop consumption. This is the minimum amount of pop required by the human body in order to preserve life.

2. retiredgeezer - January 29, 2017

*things you learn in Medical School!

I won’t say I was a big pop drinker but since we moved to Idaho, I mostly drink water except for an occasional beer.

3. lauraw - January 29, 2017

Oh my God, he’s barely hanging on.

Hang on, Geezer! Try to remain motionless!

*mails a five pound bag of sugar + a straw to Idaho*

4. retiredgeezer - January 29, 2017

I’ll say this about humor; Lauraw consistently brings teh funny. It’s always her comments that I bring Mrs. Geezer in to read.

5. geoff - January 29, 2017

Can’t wait until she and Dave have time to post again. And Sobek and skinbad and DBS and, and, why . . . you, RG.

This site needs something besides my “ragging on the economy and foreign policy plus the occasional fashion tip” genre of posts.

6. lauraw - January 29, 2017

And yet, they are awesome.

7. lauraw - January 29, 2017

*blush* thanks Geezer

8. retiredgeezer - January 29, 2017

yeah, I need to reestablish my creds with wordpress. When I reinstalled Firefox, I lost a bunch of stuff. I’m sure it’s pilot error on my part.

9. lauraw - January 29, 2017

You can have the anycomments login back, if you like. That’ll make the archives delightfully confusing.

10. anycomments - January 29, 2017

Whoah, look at me! I’m in Idahoeee! Dum-tee-dum, tah-dee!

*marches around*

Yep, I’m a retireee, in Idaheee

*joins the square dance*

*throws chickens around*

11. geoff - January 29, 2017

..and so it was that “anycomments” became known as The Cursed Moniker, bringing many a noble blogger to shame and misfortune.

12. retiredgeezer - January 30, 2017

lol, I forgot about that one.

Got any spare chickens?

13. lauraw - January 30, 2017

noble blogger

jumbo shrimp

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