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We Don’t Want Them Here January 27, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

This is sure to get a reaction from the usual suspects:

President Trump on Friday continued his crackdown on illegal immigration, signing sweeping new orders that tighten the country’s refugee and visa policies –suspending almost all refugee admissions for four months and indefinitely barring entry for some Syrians.

Trump said the new measure was intended “to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America.”

“We don’t want them here,” Trump said.

In the article, Fox breaks out “We don’t want them here” into its own little banner. Now, Trump was obviously talking about “radical Islamic terrorists,” but I’m quite sure that the press will take this quote completely out of context, and the Left will turn it into another misinformed rallying cry (like “Hands up, don’t shoot).

But I’ll stand by what Trump said. I don’t want radical Islamic terrorists as neighbors. I don’t want any terrorists as neighbors. I don’t even want non-terrorist immigrants who don’t want to assimilate as next door neighbors.

And I especially don’t want immigrants from California, who are like liberal locusts – leaving their dying land and destroying other states’ prosperity, logic, and civility in the name of progressivism.

So I think Trump’s statement was reprehensible only in that it wasn’t sufficiently inclusive. He should have signed the “Trapped Like Rats in Hotel California” bill, which would allow people to enter California, but not leave.

“We don’t want them here” is a perfectly fine sentiment, no matter what Mark Zuckerberg thinks.


1. Jimbro - January 28, 2017

The willful ignorance of his critics who choose to label it “anti-immigrant” as opposed to anti-illegal immigration is infuriating.

They rely on “exploitation of the lack of understanding of the American voter” as Jonathan Gruber famously explained about Obamacare.

2. lauraw - January 28, 2017

If California is allowed to secede (as many of them wish), we won’t need to prevent them from immigrating. They’ll build a wall to keep their own people in.

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