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Manufacturing Jobs Perk Up a Bit February 3, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

We all know that Obama failed to keep his quickly-forgotten promise to generate 1 million new manufacturing jobs within 4 years. Thought I’d keep tracking them, though, just to see how manufacturing is doing. Here’s the latest chart:



Two things to note: first, the BLS did a major revision to their numbers, so this chart reflects their latest values. It ended up adding 20K-30K jobs in most months, so Obama’s manufacturing job performance looked a wee bit better.

The second point is that manufacturing jobs stopped their decline in November and started rising. Wonder what happened in November? Hmmmm….

Anyway, if this trend could continue it’d be great news for manufacturing, employment, and the fundamentals of the American economy.

Here’s hoping.


1. geoff - February 4, 2017

Forgot to point out the artistry of the plot, with the rainbow bars for Obama’s reign and the single gold gradient bar for Trump.

But I forgot to change “President” to “Ex-President.”

2. lauraw - February 5, 2017

Love the gold bar, Geoff!

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