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No More Hot Air February 8, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

All right, Hot Air, I’ve had enough. I like several of your columnists, and I’m OK with the rest. Except one.

Taylor Millard.

This kid has no knowledge and no insight – he seems to specialize only in throwing bombs on conservative views. A huge majority of commenters hate his posts, and I’m certainly in their company.

So that’s it for me. No more Hot Air. This goof has tainted the whole site.

I’m taking it off the sidebar.


1. Stationarity - February 8, 2017

Good karma for them. I noticed during the campaign season they removed gatewaypundit from their sidebar….that’s when I knew Trump would win.

2. digitalbrownshirt - February 8, 2017

If you remove anybody that ever says stuff you disagree with then the sidebar would be empty. Gatewaypundit would be gone if I was making decisions that way.

3. Matt Black - February 8, 2017

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4. jam2 - February 8, 2017

tainted – heh

5. geoff - February 8, 2017

Gatewaypundit would be gone if I was making decisions that way.

Yeah, he drank far too deeply of the Trump kool-aid. But I couldn’t get rid of him because Michael originally put him on the sidebar. I try to not touch stuff he did. It’s why it’s taking so long to change the site format, which I’ve hated ever since the site started.

I did, however, get rid of Conservative Treehouse for the same reason (all Trump all the time). Since I was the one who linked them, I felt fine with delinking them.

But if people want the link back, I’m happy to restore it.

6. Tushar - February 8, 2017

Geoff, we all went in quite skeptical of Trump. I doubt there were many thinking conservatives who were rah rah for the guy.

But I was glad he won, rather than that horrible woman. Cautious, but glad.

He is turning out to be better than I expected. I don’t care about his twitter fights etc. that is his way of fighting back with the media and it seems to be working and connecting with people.

What I am happy about is his policy and personnel choices. Out of the left field yes, but still, impressive.

Who else in Washington would have thought of seeking the CEO of Exxon Mobil to be SecState? But in hindsight, an impressive choice. Who has better experience dealing with foreign governments that the CEO of world’s largest oil company?

7. digitalbrownshirt - February 8, 2017

Trump has surprised me by keeping so many of his promises, but I hate propaganda like and that includes propaganda like gatewaypundit/Breitbart from my own side. When I know somebody is willing to lie to protect their own interests it makes it impossible to trust them on anything. I understand why you want to leave Michael’s choices, but have to wonder what he’d think of a lot of the old “conservative” websites today.

8. geoff - February 8, 2017

Tushar, I agree completely. I was not a fan but now I’m cautiously optimistic.

DBS, I also agree. But Michael’s going to have to give me some sort of sign* if he wants me to change his choices for the sidebar. I have retired some of the dead blogs, but I still keep them in the sidebar.

*Hopefully a sign involving huge amounts of cash

9. digitalbrownshirt - February 9, 2017

It’s time for a spirit journey to Las Vegas. I got a good feeling about this. Trust me. 🙂

10. lauraw - February 9, 2017

I am cautiously optimistic too. Here’s the caution part: Obama fucked things up so badly in so many ways (but especially foreign policy), I think it’s just a matter of time before plates start hitting the floor, regardless of whoever is leading the country.

We’ll see. Hope not, but we’ll see.

11. Cathy - February 9, 2017

I can’t imagine the job of being prez. Trump was not my choice, but employed the hold-your-nose strategy and voted for him rather than that vile thing.

I’m gonna let Trump be Trump. He’ll make mistakes. I don’t have to take responsibility for what he does. 12-Step reminds me of that.

Geoff, if you sense a change is needed in this site and and others here agree, then just do it. Michael is with Jesus. He has a glorified body with no more cancer or the other issues. He is having a lot of fun and his focus is on things beyond our imaginations.

You are kind to think of him, but what is good for those here living?
Just do it! Hugs.

12. retiredgeezer - February 9, 2017

What Mrs. Michael said.

13. veeshir - February 9, 2017

I use Hot Air as a place to find interesting stories, ( don’t read their boring, predictable commentary.

Gateway Pundit started lying for Trump, that’s when I stopped going there, losing his link was the only change to DPUD’s blogroll ever.

Once I can’t trust your headlines to match the article, I stop reading.

14. skinbad - February 9, 2017

i still like to read Allah, but all the Trumpistas over there despise him. I think something’s gotta give.

15. Mark in NJ - February 12, 2017

I’d describe myself as incautiously pessimistic.

Though I am looking forward to Hate Week.:)

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