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What’s Really Going on in Sweden? February 23, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

I personally am not sure, though the Daily Mail’s article today seems pretty awful. But here are some factoids. First, have a look the graph of this funky statistic (“exposure to sex offenses”), shamelessly stolen from nice Swedish peoples.


Something is clearly afoot in recent years – something that can only be explained by increasing disrespect of women. But as to Sweden being the “Rape Capital of the World” due to recent immigration, I’m not seeing it (chart stolen again from those gullible Swedes):


Rape has been pretty flat since 2011, when the Syrian diaspora started. The “Rape Capital of the World” designation actually came from much earlier data, comparing rates in 2012. Sweden’s rate of rape has increased dramatically (by 15X) from 1975, when it was a homogeneous population, to 2012, after almost 40 years of deliberately promoting immigration from the Middle East. But the new wave of immigration can’t be blamed for that rise.

I’ll close with my final theft from the Swedes: the murder/manslaughter stats:


Seems like a bad trend since 2012, but it’s a little early to panic over it.

The Swedes have a reputation for covering up immigrant crime to protect them, and it’s certainly clear that immigrant-related crime is a larger problem than acknowledged by the Swedish government or press. However, if these stats haven’t been grossly manipulated, it doesn’t seem like Sweden is a poster child for huge immigrant-related crime.



1. Mark in NJ - February 24, 2017

“Yet.” — is that what’s known as “conservative optimism”? 🙂

2. geoff - February 24, 2017

Just projecting the last four years of murder data. As I said, it’s still early but the trend looks ominous.

3. lauraw - February 25, 2017

Well, the anecdotes sure aren’t matching the data, but who knows? Data can be fudged, anecdotes can be blown out of proportion. Nobody is honest about anything anymore, everything serves a narrative.

One thing that is not narrative: Muslims lived in Spain for 800 years without assimilating in meaningful numbers, even through the Inquisition. This is a durable belief system which advises specific methods of dealing with hostile host countries.

The fact that there were a cohesive people to be driven out after all that time is a testament to how durable and unassimilable they are.

Since the West no longer has any designs on its own territory, even depises the thought of maintaining territory, Muslims will take it.

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