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Introducing…the Infinite Jukebox February 26, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Your favorite song just not long enough? Tired of the same old arrangement every time you listen to it? Enter the Infinite Jukebox!!


WTH? You say?  Here’s how it works. The software analyzes the song you pick, and finds similarities between different sections of the song. It then teleports you to one of the similar sections.

And it never stops.

You can listen to the same song for the rest of your life, but it will keep changing the order of the musical phrases so that it never sounds the same.

I think this version isn’t going to be hugely successful, but as it improves, it could be a big player in the music scene.


1. retiredgeezer - February 28, 2017

Thought I should comment because I’ve been listening to this thing for a couple of days.

I like it.

2. Bunk Strutts - March 11, 2017

THAT is amazing. It doesn’t just loop the song, it turns it into a helix. I plugged in the shortest No.1 hit, “Stay” by Maurice & The Zodiacs (clocks in at about 1 minute 30 seconds) and ran it for ten full minutes before the missus came in and smacked me.

3. Beware The Ides of Hot Links | Tacky Raccoons - March 12, 2017

[…] Infinite Jukebox is amazing. Choose a song you like that seems to end way too soon, and it messes with it indefinitely. It doesn’t just loop the recording, it turns it into a helix so you can listen to the song until you can’t stand it anymore. So I gave it a test run, plugged in another short hit: The Letter by The Boxtops, and got this unending version – click on “play.” I’m impressed [via]. […]

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