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Sniper Fashion March 21, 2017

Posted by geoff in Fashion.

You all are so lucky, because Yes! It’s time for another fashion post!!

Today we have a fashion statement reminiscent of Tom Berenger in Sniper. Potentially unisex (if the gents don’t mind showing a little leg)?

Get close to your target and celebrate haute couteur at the same time! I present you the the grassy smocky hoody thing!



1. Mark in NJ - March 22, 2017

Also reminiscent of Tom Berenger’s obviously fake beard when he played Longstreet in the Gettysburg movie.

2. lauraw - March 22, 2017

looks itchy

3. Gracious Store (@Graciousstore1) - March 25, 2017

What a fashion in earth-like green wear

4. Sobek - March 25, 2017

Oscar the Grouch wore it better.

5. jam2 - March 30, 2017

One armed tribble- what ev

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