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Not Impressed With Tax Payments of Illegal Immigrants March 28, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Same sort of analysis as last post.

A cute young illegal immigrant posted this to Facebook:


Note, of course, that she doesn’t mention what she can benefit from:

  • DREAM Scholarships (up to $25K for a bachelors, or up to $80K in certain states)
  • In-state tuition (they charge $10.6K for in-state, and $26.5K for out-of-state)
  • Financial aid from the college or university
  • K-12 Schooling/School lunch & breakfast programs
  • Emergency medical care

But hey, she’s contributing the tax base, right? CNN is quick to point out that a recent study showed that illegal immigrants pay almost $12 billion in taxes per year. Count those smackers, racist trogolodytes!! But since there are around 12 million illegals (give or take a million), that’s only about $1000/illegal.

But taxpayers as a whole paid $1.5 trillion last year. That’s about $4300/person. If we just eliminated the all thetax contributions of the illegals, it would decrease tax revenues by a mere 0.8%.

So, while I’m somewhat gratified that Ms. Belen tried to follow the law as much as she was able, the contribution of she and her fellows is paltry in total, and disproportionately small per capita.


1. lauraw - March 28, 2017

Yeahhhh, she should own a small business in Connecticut.

2. ChrisP - March 28, 2017

“I think I’m a pretty good citizen.”
You are NOT any kind of a citizen. You are an illegal immigrant, cute, but illegal…

Looks like nice car, good command of the language, pretty damn Caucasian looking. I’d say she is an American who is claiming to be “illegal” to “virtue signal”.

3. digitalbrownshirt - March 29, 2017

How do you file taxes without using a phony identification? Doesn’t that normally involve some sort of identity theft?

4. geoff - March 29, 2017

Doesn’t that normally involve some sort of identity theft?

I would think so. But in her mind, it’s Trump who is the lawbreaker.

5. Mr. Matamoros - March 30, 2017

Victim of the modern age! Poor, poor girl!

6. Mrs. Peel - March 30, 2017

Man, I wish my family of four paid only $17.2k in taxes.

7. veeshir - March 30, 2017

It’s too bad Mexico is losing their best and brightest.

We should send her back!

8. Mark in NJ - March 31, 2017

Tying this back to a prev post, maybe her achievement would be more impressive if she flashed some sideboob?

9. geoff - March 31, 2017

That would probably increase her earnings and hence her tax contributions.

10. retiredgeezer - April 1, 2017

Michael would probably have an opinion on this:


What is your take on this?

11. Sobek - April 1, 2017

I don’t know how any of you can argue with that kind of arched eyebrow. Game, set and match as far as I’m concerned.

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