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Springfield National Cemetery April 20, 2017

Posted by digitalbrownshirt in News.

I had to spend some time in Springfield, Missouri recently and visited the National Cemetery on the spur of the moment. It was originally a Confederate cemetery that included several hundred unknown dead Confederate soldiers. There were three significant battles in the area so no shortage of war dead. Later on it became a National Cemetery and now contains the remains of numerous Medal of Honor recipients, some Buffalo Soldiers and at least one Revolutionary War veteran. I also noticed that one of the graves was for a Confederate veteran’s widow that died in 1964.

My family owns a cabin up on Table Rock Lake so I’ll probably be back in the area eventually. I plan on visiting some of the battlefields next time. I wasn’t even aware of them until this past week. I had actually gone up to Springfield to visit my wife. She’s been going to school there for the last month or so and I got lonely. Plus she missed our dog Corvo. He’s kind of the reason we went to the graveyard that day. I wanted to go some place where I could bring the dog, but we left him in the car with the windows down. I’d feel bad if the dog suddenly relieved itself on somebody’s grave.


1. skinbad - April 20, 2017

Nice pics. The statue picture has an interesting silhouette.

2. lauraw - April 21, 2017

Yes, that is a very proud pose. Very proud.

3. digitalbrownshirt - April 25, 2017

As soon as I got home from that trip my wife called me and wanted me back in Springfield again. Thankfully that’s all done for good now.

That guy from the statue was pro-Union right up until 2 months before the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. Then the Union forces killed a bunch of civilians including some young children and it changed his mind.

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