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A Rare and Coveted Innocent Bystanders Endorsement April 24, 2017

Posted by skinbad in Family, History, Technology.

My dad has quite a few pictures on slides. When I was a little tyke, he would sometimes shoot them up on the wall for the viewing pleasure of me and my brothers–which I remember being a lot of fun. Some were from his tour of duty in Japan with the Army and many others were from his college days and the early married years with my mom. Over the years, I’ve occasionally thought about those and thought that “someone” really needed to get on the ball and digitize all those slides before everything is lost and dad and mom aren’t around to remember any of the details of the pictures.

Well. It is finished. My wife’s sister bought a little machine and did her dad’s slides and we got our hands on it. After doing all the slides, Mrs. Skinny got started on all the negatives she had in boxes and we got all those done as well. We’ve probably scanned about 5,000 total. I’m sure there are competitors to what we used that would work well, but I have to say I’m fairly impressed with the gadget. It’s a “jumble All-in-One.”

There is less handling with negatives, so they go quite fast. Of course the slides are handled one at a time, but still, if you work at it for an hour, you’ll get a lot done. If you have been dreading such a project, I recommend getting something like this and getting it done. They are about $130 on Amazon.


1. lauraw - April 25, 2017

Hey that’s a pretty great little gadget. I was just wondering the other day whatever happened to all the 8mm home movies my parents shot when we were kids. Then I wondered where all my art slides were.

Hey, does this thing help you find photo stuff languishing in piles of crap in the cellar?

2. skinbad - April 25, 2017

Once we had the machine and started digging through crap, we found lots of old stuff. My wife was thinking she was done and then started wondering about 5 or so years when the kids were young. Sure enough, she found another shoe box full of negatives. That was good for a big groan, but now it’s done.

3. OBF - April 25, 2017

Two edged sword. There are a few things my kiddos have done in the past that I would just as soon not be brought up again. (That being said they are all a lot better human beings than I am.)

4. digitalbrownshirt - April 25, 2017

My father in law is leaving me his slides since I’m the only relative that seems interested in them. They go back to the 1950’s and include his involvement in the SoCal hot rod culture back then. Those and the family vacation slides alone make me want them. I’m not sure how many he has, but 10k+ sounds realistic. I’ll definitely need to digitize them.

5. Mrs. Peel - April 26, 2017

That’s pretty cool. I am in the middle of KonMari’ing my stuff and will have to remember that when I get to photos (although my plan is to create albums with the key ones and ditch the rest).

6. Bunk Strutts - May 6, 2017

I had an HP flat bed scanner that had an insert for slides and negatives. Slow and tedious to use, and the back light gave everything a yellow tint. This gadget looks like an improvement.

Muchisimas grassyass.

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