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Did you lose power? How to tell. May 30, 2017

Posted by lumps in News.

Well, I know I’ve lost electrical service for some short period of time when I come home and see the microwave display flashing, and asking me to reset the time.

But I’m going to be going on a real vacay this Summer, and I have a freezer full of meat. Short outages will not endanger anything. But if the power went out for a long time, and everything was ruined but later refroze, how would I know?

I was at work yesterday and I asked one of my coworkers about it. She knew the answer.

Freeze a container of water. Put a coin on top of the ice, and then place the container back in the freezer. If the coin isn’t still at the top when you get back, throw out your meat.

Brilliant. What little tips and tricks like this do you know?


1. geoff - May 30, 2017

Pro Tip: Bring the meat with you.

2. lauraw - May 30, 2017

Hah! OK. Not sure they’re gonna let me do that as a carry-on. A frozen salmon is technically a deadly weapon.

3. Mark in NJ - May 31, 2017

Depending on what type of animal the meat is from, you may be able to invoke your right to bear arms.

4. ChrisP - May 31, 2017

Step one:
Have a 1,000 gallon propane tank.
Step B:
Have an automatic generator-transfer switch.
Step Else:
Have an auto-start propane powered generator.
Go on vacation…

5. OBF - June 1, 2017

Dumb Question…why is it that you can’t re-freeze meat once it has been thawed?

Is it a conspiracy by the butcher’s union?

(Sue the power company.)

6. lauraw - June 1, 2017

Well, you can refreeze meat, as long as it hasn’t gotten much warmer than around 35 degrees for some short period of time.

Over like 40 degrees or whoosie, with time, bacterial load starts to increase, and the food can make you sick even after cooking.

I suppose a recording thermometer would be the best way to both save my health and my freezer contents, if the freezer thawed but did not exceed a safe cold temperature.

7. lauraw - June 1, 2017

OH- forgot the bit about why refreezing makes it dangerous. What I’ve always been told is that whatever colonies are present at freezing, multiply like gangbusters upon the next thaw (unless the thaw was scrupulously maintained at just above freezing temps, which let’s face it, nobody does in their home).

8. Sobek - June 1, 2017

Protip: if you mix a little coconut oil into your kale, it makes it easier to scoop it into the garbage.

9. OBF - June 2, 2017

I don’t care who it is. Anyone who says they like kale, in any form, is not being truthful. You process kale for like 2 minutes and then spend the next 45 minutes trying to cover up the taste.

10. Mrs. Peel - June 2, 2017

Pretty sure my mom’s house is just above thaw. It’s 70 in mine, which I think is too cold for comfort but which I maintain for my kids’ health, and she constantly complains it’s too hot whenever she comes over. (reason #83541 why she needs to have a plan for when she can’t live independently and that plan cannot be “live with Mrs. Peel”)

11. retiredgeezer - June 2, 2017

(reason #83541 why she needs to have a plan for when she can’t live independently and that plan cannot be “live with Mrs. Peel”)

*checks legal exclusion status of Camp Geezer*

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