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Crazy Awesome Bass June 9, 2017

Posted by Sobek in News.

Don’t Give Hate a Chance, by Jamiroquai.

I’m posting this bass cover version so you can see just how fast this guy is jamming along.  The band’s video is cool, too.


1. Sobek - June 9, 2017

I have the song mostly down, except for the breakdown part that starts at 3:00.

2. retiredgeezer - June 10, 2017

That’s impressive! The part that you can play it also.

Do you think those are flatwound strings?

3. geoff - June 10, 2017

Needs more trumpet. Like…replace the hand, bass, thighs, and knees with trumpet.

That’d be optimal.

4. retiredgeezer - June 10, 2017


*drops mic

5. lauraw - June 13, 2017
6. Sobek - June 13, 2017

Wow, I haven’t seen Achewood in a while. I didn’t realize that was still a thing.

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