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Regarding the Trump Administration… July 27, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

While I don’t regard his election to the presidency as a sign of the End Times, as do most of my Real Life friends, I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed this  presidency. Even though I agree with many White House policies, I cringe every time I see a new tweet or hear an off-the-cuff remark.

Especially in the last week.

It seems to me that President Trump and his staff don’t have the slightest inkling what it means to be presidential, nor do they understand that every inflammatory tweet and remark creates unnecessary resistance in federal agencies, Congress, the press, and the public. And lately it seem that they don’t even understand what it is to be professional, with ridiculously unprofessional remarks about Sessions, Bannon and Priebus, the poorly handled transsexual/military mess, and the transformation of a Boy Scout jamboree into a political debacle.

I haven’t written much about the president since he’s been elected because I don’t like the man. I’m not a Never-Trumper, but the president and his staff have never given me much cause to warm up to this administration. Even before the past week.

And now I’m starting to count the days until the next inauguration.


1. Cathy - July 28, 2017

I hear ya, Geoff. I’m groaning every day.

Trump is a different kind of prez. I don’t expect presidential from him. So that doesn’t bother me much and it isn’t bothering his supporters.

But opposition from the media, the dems, the shadow government types, the rinos and old-camp-repubs is worse than anything I’ve known about in the past. Some of the crap coming to light is evil and creepy. They really hate him. Maybe I’m just naive.

But considering how bad this opposition is looking, I’m actually surprised he’s gotten as much done as he has.

2. Cathy - July 28, 2017

…Oh! And I’m not looking forward to the next inauguration. I don’t think things are gonna get much better. At this stage, I just hope we don’t end up in a civil war, or worse.

3. skinbad - July 28, 2017

I was hoping for “method to the madness,” but seems like mostly madness so far.

4. veeshir - July 28, 2017

I’d say it’s an object lesson to America that we’ve been electing as feckless and venal a bunch of losers as there is outside a Marx Bros. movie.
Trump’s rubbed our noses in how feckless and useless both parties are.
As for presidential, the last two Dems spoke well and were not so crude but Clinton did his level best to sell everything he could with not a care how it harned the US and Obama did his level best to weaken America abroad and destroy everything it stands for at home. He was as unpresidential a person as I could imagine. Far more so than even Trump.

I’ll take a loudmouth huckster who loves America over that.
The problem is that we’re a year too late to be upset about what and who Trump is (huckster), now we’re in the “Better than Hillary” phase we’ve been in since Trump won the primary.
Unless he gets primaried by someone I could like (cough Walker cough) he’ll be running against a Democrat.
And if there’s a Democrat who I would not be totally against as POTUS, they’ve been keeping that Dem hidden.
So next inauguration I’ll be rooting for Trump.
And that kills me.
1980-2015 Veeshir would think 2016-2017 Veeshir was an idiot for supporting Trump, but here we are.

5. fevfvfvgdfgbfddhyge - July 29, 2017

Positive things about Trump?

He exposed how spineless and feckless the GOP is. I have zero faith in any elected official at this point.

He proved that about 90% of “conservative” media never had any principles and that they would bend in whichever direction made them the most money. Ditto for a lot of so called religious leaders.

He has also shown us a peak at the id of a lot of our friends and neighbors. It turns out that a lot of ordinary, everyday, salt of the earth people in the heartland are fairly awful people. You can only see so many posts from MAGADeplorableGrannyUSA about Jews aka ((globalists)) and “cucks” on conservative sites before you start feeling like Jerry Seinfeld at the end of that episode where he was dating the “anti-dentite.” People are fed up with “pc” society so they will do everything they can to be uncivil. Everybody is chucking bombs like Anne Coulter. Trump appeals to civic vice instead of civic virtue. Modern society sucks so whatever terrible thing you do or say is ok since it shocks the system.

He proved that conservatism is (mostly) dead. Tribalism is the name of the game. Tell me, what does the GOP stand for? What’s the message? What are the principles? There is nothing left but “Fuck you Libtard!” rage. A side effect of this is an amazing number of con artists and freakshows who have climbed aboard the Trump Train is mind boggling. Milo, Sheriff Clarke, Mooch, Cernovich, Gorka, Chuck Johnson, and on and on and on. I’m used to seeing these types of mutants on the left, but I just can’t grasp how any real conservative wouldn’t repudiate them. Instead they are accepted and occasionally celebrated because “they piss off the right people.”

p.s It’s a shame Ace banned Cedarford all those years ago. He would fit right in over there these days.

pps Fuck the Democrats.

6. geoff - July 29, 2017

It’s a shame Ace banned Cedarford all those years ago. He would fit right in over there these days.

That’s a name I hadn’t heard in maybe a decade. As to Ace commenters, I haven’t read them regularly in almost as long.

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