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Do you own a Car? July 31, 2017

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Man Laws, News.

You might want to watch this:




1. Retired Geezer - July 31, 2017

Besides the obligatory Covered Wagon, Camp Geezer ™ has a fleet of SUV’s.

2. geoff - July 31, 2017

That Tesla that’s coming out looks kind of cool. And, more importantly, affordable.

Tushar linked to an ultra-cool electric vehicle: Bollinger Motors

No price yet, but it’s the first electric ride I’ve seen that doesn’t seem like it’s all about virtue signaling.

3. Mark in NJ - July 31, 2017

On the other hand…

I was in LA a few weeks ago at an informal reunion w/ college chums. It was a hot sunny day, the sky over the Pacific was blue and beautiful and we all had the same thought: this same sky back in the mid-70s (we all were in high school out there) would’ve included a brownish-orange streak of ugly toxic smog. In was unhealthy too — I ran cross-country back then and remember the burning lungs and coughing that followed every run.

Maybe today’s blue sky is the product of an intrusive, overreaching government, but it sure is a quality-of-life improvement, and I got to enjoy it without having to wait a thousand years for The Market to deliver the same result.

4. geoff - August 1, 2017

I used to play ultimate in the mid-80’s in San Bernardino, and the smog was still horrible then. San Bernardino is bounded on the North side by 6000 ft peaks(? something like that). You start the ascent about 5 miles from where we were playing, so they occupied maybe 20o of your view off the horizon.

And we couldn’t see them.

But then it got a lot better.

So yeah, local government intervened and created a series of regulations, penalties and incentives which worked in concert to reduce air pollution. I have in fact noted that success on many occasions, mostly due to its rarity. It’s almost the exception to the rule.

But that has nothing to do with the video, which is an editorial saying that it seems like liberal animus toward car pollution is really an animus toward cars and freedom. An arguable point, but one you didn’t engage.

Look – conservatives/libertarians aren’t against all government intervention. We just believe the following tenets:

o Concentrated power will be abused
o Concentrated power will never be relinquished
o Policies are best implemented on a local scale
o The kind of people liberals inherently worship, the all-knowing, all-wise policy-makers, don’t exist in the majority. Keynes was theoretically right, but it was never possible for his theories to be implemented. Because, people.

5. Mark in NJ - August 1, 2017

My problem with that video isn’t that I think it’s wrong about the dangers of governments having too much power – it’s the un-nuanced, one-sided presentation of the argument.

If you believe their “university,” government curtailment of individual freedom is categorically bad. My point (“On the other hand…”) was to introduce one counter-example.

My other problem with the video: there’s something really gross about crowing that, as freedom-loving Americans, we’re entitled to drive the least fuel efficient cars we can get our hands on. American exceptionalism by her definition means defiantly (and proudly!) hogging more than our share of the world’s resources and squirting out a disproportionate amount of pollution. Sad!

6. Retired Geezer - August 1, 2017

I can’t vouch for air quality in LA although it ‘seems’ better. I think geography has a lot to do with it. Boise, Salt Lake and Denver all seem to have higher levels of smog because they are in locations that hold the air.

7. Mark in NJ - August 1, 2017

And to engage her point – to say the true liberal agenda is to take away peoples’ cars and freedom does not ring true to me. Liberals drive cars, too, and like to travel where/when they want, so why would thwarting that be in their interest?

I prefer to think the liberal feels a larger responsibility to be a good steward of the planet’s limited resources. The feeling is probably driven in part by guilt at having so much more than most others in the world, and there’s a self-hating anti-American element to it – and a sanctimoniousness that stinks.

But to say the liberal is coming to take away your SUV because he hates your freedom sounds paranoiac to me, and reminiscent of NRA rhetoric.

8. geoff - August 1, 2017

IMHO she didn’t do a good job of supporting her thesis, but I do believe that liberals, concentrated as they are in urban centers, do not have the same appreciation for cars that the rest of the country does.

9. Retired Geezer - August 2, 2017

geoff put his finger on why Florida drivers suck.

Most of the people in the NY metro area that retired to Florida, probably never owned a car.

10. Mark in NJ - August 3, 2017

And to make it even worse…

Those ex-New Yorkers who did own cars before they migrated brought their terrible NY/NJ driving habits with them

And they’re all >70 yrs old!

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