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Silicon Valley Silliness August 8, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

What with the brouhaha over the Google fellow who wrote an anonymous critique of diversity practices and was subsequently outed and fired, I thought I’d repeat a point I made years ago. And that point was:

There’s not really a disparity between American men and women in science & engineering education.

Behold a chart (data from the National Science Foundation):


If you look at the top two curves, you see that men earned 25% more doctorates in 2011 than women. Patriarchy!!

BUT, if you look at the bottom two curves (in patriotic red, white, and blue), which have subtracted out foreign students, you find that since 2004 US women have earned an equal or greater number of doctorates than US men.

To repeat: Since 2004, US women have typically earned more science & engineering doctorates than US men.

The disparity in degrees comes from the disproportionately large percentage of males among foreign students.

And all the well-intentioned but misguided programs trying to pull more US women into STEM fields aren’t going to change that.


1. Sobek - August 10, 2017

Trying to shame a SJW by pointing out that their tactics are fascist does not work.

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