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Stupid Racist Rally August 13, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Is there a single good story out of the awful situation in Charlottesville?

The Bad:

  • Racist rally (just ridiculous)
  • Violent counterprotest (not helpful)
  • Law & order abandoned (WTF?)
  • Murderous loser drives car into crowd (woodchipper time)
  • The usual suspects demand that virtue signaling be turned up to 11 (maximum victimhood)

The Good:


I will say one thing, though. Instead of ignoring the racist dorks who call themselves “alt-right,” we should take a more active role in countering them. I never took them seriously (still don’t), so I’ve been complacent about their nonsense in the media.

No more.


1. NannyG - August 14, 2017

Lack of Due Diligence allowed an uber-liberal, Jason Kessler, to be the leader of the C’Ville Unite The Right rally.
What fools there are in that segment of the alt-right!
Jason was an Occupy guy only months before the election!

2. geoff - August 14, 2017

The more we hear, the worse it gets…

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