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With Regard to the Media’s Take on Antifa August 16, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Out: Law & order

In: Vigilante justice

Good times ahead, I’m sure.


1. Jerry Jay Carroll - August 16, 2017

There is a strong and active intelligence behind the scenes creating all this trouble. The left is following the scenario used to bring down the Czars and then misfired and gave us the Third Reich. Street fighting, manufactured controversies, hysterical young people, frothing media — it’s all been done before.

2. geoff - August 16, 2017

You’re bumming me out, JJC.

3. Mark in NJ - August 16, 2017

We should all be bummed out.

Swastika flags, overt anti-Semitism, white supremacist rhetoric – I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere before too.

4. geoff - August 16, 2017

I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere before too.

You wouldn’t have seen it at all if the media wasn’t hyperinflating its importance.

Hundreds of white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and others were involved, by some estimates, in what Heimbach, leader of the Traditionalist Workers Party, called the nation’s biggest such event in a decade or more. Even more opponents turned out, and the two sides clashed violently.

“Hundreds?” Who cares? The best thing to do with these jerks is ignore them, marginalize them, mock them, and make them look uncool, not elevate them to warrior status and broadcast their idiocy all over the world.

And the “opponents” turning out in even larger numbers and attacking the racist losers? It’s fun to sit back and say the Nazis got what they deserved, but that’s a very short and slippery slope.

5. lauraw - August 17, 2017

The Left is overjoyed to make a big deal out of a few hundred dipshits. Antifa burning down people’s perfectly lawful businesses and assaulting ordinary Trump voters with bike locks was starting to look bad.

Finally, the big scary boogyeman enemy they really want!

Oh, brother.

6. geoff - August 17, 2017
7. Mark in NJ - August 17, 2017

I think she’s just following the scenario used to bring down the Czars [which] then misfired and gave us the Third Reich.

8. geoff - August 17, 2017

She certainly fits under “hysterical young people.”

9. daveintexas - August 19, 2017

If you want to ask me if I hate Nazis. Yes, I do. All dozens of them. Especially Illinois Nazis

If you want to ask me if I hate fascists equally, yes, I do. All thousands of them

10. NannyG - August 19, 2017

The “Unite-the-Right” group was organized by a double agent, Jason Kessler.
It was all astroturfed, not just the usual Antifa side.
Here are some of Kesslers anti-gun tweets:
People who really are of the white-power side of the political spectrum are kicking themselves over not vetting Jason Kessler.
They are now willing to go leaderless rather than ever fall for a mole again.

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