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I Did This Today August 19, 2017

Posted by daveintexas in News.

Got rid of the monstrous ugly dining room light fixture and replaced it with this.

I did not turn off the power at the breaker panel. That’s how I roll.


The Marlboro Man on the coat rack approves.


1. Jimbro - August 19, 2017

Where’s the “After” picture?

2. Cathy - August 19, 2017


3. geoff - August 20, 2017

True story of geoff’s last lighting project:

  • Goes to change a lightbulb in the family room.
  • Family room lighting is terrible, so puts in higher wattage bulb.
  • Blows a fuse in the controller.
  • Buys new fuse and puts it in the controller.
  • Entire fuse assembly breaks and falls out of controller.
  • Controller is some weird low-ripple thing that’s used in sound studios. Why is it in my living room? No frickin’ idea. But replacing it is $600.
  • Decides to replace entire lighting system.
  • 8 months and $850 later, the project is complete.

All to change a lightbulb.

4. daveintexas - August 21, 2017

You win. My best was changed a light bulb on the microwave.

Bulb breaks

Gets pliars to back out the metal base, did not turn off power because who does that to change a light bulb.

Fries the controller

Don’t do that

5. skinbad - August 21, 2017

That’s a tall ceiling–and a pretty shade. Not an electricity story, but a recent series of unfortunate events:

Wife wants porch swing in the back by the fire pit, so porch swing is purchased. Old swing set structure is moved back there to connect swing to. Plum tree has to go–no where else for swing structure. Fire-up chainsaw, cut tree as close to level with grass as I can. A couple of days later, wife takes fairly new Honda lawnmower back there to trim the grass up and finds the barely too-tall stump. Shaft of mower is bent. Skinny checks accounts for $400 sitting around to replace mower–gets discouraged, watches Youtube and sees hillbillies trying to pound lawnmower shafts straight(er) with sledge hammer. Tries it. It actually (somewhat) worked. We’ll get by until next year–but, we have a porch swing by the fire pit.

Cathy - August 21, 2017

I could feel where your story was going Skinny. Yeeeee-ouch!

6. geoff - August 21, 2017

We’ll get by until next year–but, we have a porch swing by the fire pit.

Who needs a lawnmower? Just shorten the rope on the swing as the grass gets higher.

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