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A Little Gun Stuff August 23, 2017

Posted by skinbad in Ballistics.

I recently had an itch to get a pocket pistol, so I started reading a lot of reviews and watching quite a few YouTube videos. I’ll tell you three of my favorite firearm YouTubers if you’re into that kind of thing.

The first one I watched a lot is Hickok45. He’s a grandfatherly southern gent with an easy-going manner and a common-sense way of explaining things. He shoots all kinds of firearms and describes them and tells you what he likes and doesn’t like about them. He often shows how to take them apart and reassemble them. His videos are at his outdoor shooting range and he’ll usually start with blasting a few targets–he likes 2-liter (full) pop bottles and a variety of steel targets that make a satisfying “ping” when he nails them. He also likes to “smoke some pot” by blasting (empty) flower pots. If you’re thinking of a gun you might want an opinion on, you can probably find a video of him demonstrating it. If you’re like me, you’ll look at a video and think, “I don’t have 25 minutes to spend watching this,” but it goes by really easily. He’s got a good camera presence and usually the audio/video is quite good. A couple of things to consider: he’s a really good shot–he makes it look easy. Also, he has very large hands, so take that into consideration when size matters for your purchasing decisions.

The second one I liked enough to subscribe to is John Lovell. He’s a former Army Ranger and teaches firearms/tactics full-time now. For concealed carry/stay-safe/practice your shit videos, I like him a lot. If he was coming through my area, I would pay for some training from him. I’ve only watched handgun videos but he has a lot more stuff including rifle and shotgun training as well as topics such as personal safety and situational awareness.

Finally–just for shits and giggles, there’s Jerry Miculek. I guess I should’t say he’s just for entertainment. He has lots of good tips–I liked what I watched on grip and sites and stance, but he’s absolutely other-worldly, so it’s hard to even imagine you (I) can relate to what he’s doing. He’s been a professional shooter for over 30 years and his speed and accuracy are flat out crazy.

So there’s my $.02 worth. Finally, Jerry does a little demonstration with the pistol I purchased in the video below. What he does is mind-boggling. It’s a little .380 and I’m working at hitting cereal boxes from 15-20 feet with some consistency. He starts with some close shots then goes out to 50 yards, 100 yards, and finally 200 yards (at about 11 minutes if you want to jump to it). If you’re interested in this kind of thing, you won’t believe it:


1. Sobek - August 23, 2017

I did some rifle shooting today. Felt good.

2. Jimbro - August 23, 2017

I’ve watched several Hickok45 videos and completely agree with you. Great to watch. I’ll need to look for the John Lovell ones. Jerry Miculek is a legend and never fails to earn my admiration.

3. Retired Geezer - August 24, 2017

I have never owned a .380. I’m scared to watch that video because I’ll probably want one.

4. skinbad - August 25, 2017

S & W had a $50 rebate until the end of July. They might bring it back.

5. digitalbrownshirt - August 27, 2017

Hand size is really a big deal when it comes to handguns. I’ve got fairly large hands, not huge, but when I got my subcompact XD9 it felt ridiculously uncomfortable to shoot. My full size XD45 in comparison feels like a natural extension of my hand when I shoot.

The convenience of a small pistol is good, but there’s a definite trade off.

6. Cathy - August 30, 2017

Geezer, DON’T WATCH the video!!!

I guarantee you’ll want a .380.

Got a SWEET Sig Sauer P238 awhile back. Still like my Kimbers, but this little lady is awesome!!

I’ll NEVER forget how you taught me how to shoot back in Ohio at our first IB meet-up. Dancing with bunnies with your lovely wife was cool too.


7. Retired Geezer - August 30, 2017

I’ll NEVER forget how you taught me how to shoot back in Ohio at our first IB meet-up. Dancing with bunnies with your lovely wife was cool too.

Awww… *wiggles like a puppy*

8. skinbad - August 31, 2017

DBS–shoot the .380. It’ll make your XD9 feel like driving a Cadillac (metaphorically).

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