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Stupid Racist Rally August 13, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Is there a single good story out of the awful situation in Charlottesville?

The Bad:

  • Racist rally (just ridiculous)
  • Violent counterprotest (not helpful)
  • Law & order abandoned (WTF?)
  • Murderous loser drives car into crowd (woodchipper time)
  • The usual suspects demand that virtue signaling be turned up to 11 (maximum victimhood)

The Good:


I will say one thing, though. Instead of ignoring the racist dorks who call themselves “alt-right,” we should take a more active role in countering them. I never took them seriously (still don’t), so I’ve been complacent about their nonsense in the media.

No more.

A Little Gender-Fluid Levity August 12, 2017

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This was pretty funny. From Twitchy:

GIRL POWER! Kickboxing World Champ Andrew Tate trolls SJWs, claims he’s (she’s?) a trans woman

Cost of Living By State August 11, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Cool graphic I ran across at Digg, who got it from the Tax Foundation. What’s $100 worth in each state? Have a gander:


So if you move from DC to Mississippi, your $ is worth 36% more.

More About This “Men vs. Women in STEM” Thing August 9, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

Just to make sure I completely step in it with both feet, I thought I’d weigh in on the #Goolag business. Again.

I’ll admit that I haven’t studied men’s and women’s mental characteristics and their differences. I haven’t studied sexual discrimination in education and the workplace. But I have complete confidence that my take is as informed as anybody else’s.

How can I be so arrogant when my credentials are so weak?

It’s simply this: The vast majority of social sciences research is absolute crap.


Silicon Valley Silliness August 8, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.
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What with the brouhaha over the Google fellow who wrote an anonymous critique of diversity practices and was subsequently outed and fired, I thought I’d repeat a point I made years ago. And that point was:

There’s not really a disparity between American men and women in science & engineering education.

Behold a chart (data from the National Science Foundation):


If you look at the top two curves, you see that men earned 25% more doctorates in 2011 than women. Patriarchy!!

BUT, if you look at the bottom two curves (in patriotic red, white, and blue), which have subtracted out foreign students, you find that since 2004 US women have earned an equal or greater number of doctorates than US men.

To repeat: Since 2004, US women have typically earned more science & engineering doctorates than US men.

The disparity in degrees comes from the disproportionately large percentage of males among foreign students.

And all the well-intentioned but misguided programs trying to pull more US women into STEM fields aren’t going to change that.

Exporting’s Apparently a Thing Again August 4, 2017

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Exports perked up again this month, with signs of life in both services and goods. If that trend continues for a few more months, we’ll be breaking through to never-before-seen heights.



Corn and Tomatoes August 4, 2017

Posted by skinbad in Food, Gardening, Nature Shit.

Looks like they’re on. The spousal unit just sent me this picture.


Critical Update: (more…)

Manufacturing Jobs: The Stall, She is Gone! August 4, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.
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Last month we noted that manufacturing jobs seemed to be stagnating, with no increases for several months. But this month they revised the old numbers upward and we apparently had a pretty good July. Here’s what that looks like:


We’ve added 100,000 manufacturing jobs in the 7 months since Trump’s election.

Sexist Headlines August 4, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.
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Here’s the headline from NBC:

Suicides in Teen Girls Hit 40-Year High

and from ABC:

CDC report: Suicide rate among teen girls at all-time high

and from Yahoo:

What The Numbers Say About Teen Girls & Suicide

…and here’s the chart from the NBC article:

nbc chart on teen suicides

Seeing as the male teen suicide rate is about 3X the female rate, and that the male suicide rate is climbing at least as fast, it seems like the headlines could have been a bit more balanced.

Dull & Dreary Employment Report August 4, 2017

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Latest Employment Situation Report is in. Feel like I’m in the Obama doldrums, what with employment basically just adrift. Sigh.


Death Wish August 3, 2017

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ballistics, Man Laws.

Remake starring Bruce Willis.

Dunkirk and Shepard Tones August 2, 2017

Posted by Retired Geezer in Religion, Science.


Pretty interesting article about the Soundtrack for Dunkirk and other dramatic movies;