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Employment Didn’t Do So Well This Summer September 1, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

The BLS employment report for August is out. We had a high point in full-time employment in April (when we almost broke through 0.5) but since then we’ve been declining. We haven’t yet fallen to the Obama level, but that certainly seems to be where we’re headed.



1. Sobek - September 2, 2017

Why do you suppose that is, when manufacturing is doing so well?

2. geoff - September 2, 2017

Haven’t had time to synthesize that story. It’ll take a lot of work, so I doubt I’ll ever get to it.

3. lauraw - September 3, 2017

Because instead of hiring people, they’re using robots, and the main thing they are manufacturing with the robots is a robot army.

With nukes.

Nuclear-powered robot soldiers, making nukes and more robot soldiers.


4. geoff - September 3, 2017

I have to say that I do love the developments along the artificial intelligence journalists line. I’ll laugh my fanny off when journalists start getting replaced by computers.

5. Cathy - September 5, 2017

* waiting with anticipation to watch geoff’s fanny get laughed off *

Yay for the journalists gone too!

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