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Deficit Reduction Cage Match: Ryan vs. Trump September 5, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

I remember the days when Paul Ryan used to be terribly concerned over deficits and debt. What’d he call it? Oh yeah – The Path to Prosperity.

Well that didn’t happen.

Lately the House has been working up a new deficit-reduction plan. As of 2 weeks ago:

The current version of the budget resolution—as reported out of the House Budget Committee—contains instructions to 11 House committees calling for at least $203 billion in deficit reduction over 10 years…

But you know, I’m kind of preferring Trump’s budget:

The cumulative deficit from 2018 through 2027 would be reduced by $3.3 trillion from the $10.1 trillion in CBO’s baseline.

That’s more like the sort of deficit reductions that make a difference. Like 15X the House’s puny reductions.

Here’s CBO’s projection (image taken from their report):



1. Cathy - September 5, 2017


(Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady)

2. Sobek - September 5, 2017
3. lauraw - September 6, 2017

OK, so there’s another use for overgrown zucchini.

Cathy - September 6, 2017

Laura, maybe that’s why the gal didn’t want her name mentioned.

4. lauraw - September 6, 2017


5. lauraw - September 6, 2017

Oh fer cryin’ out loud. I was just joking about what a pain it is to get rid of that stuff, as a gardener.

Cathy - September 6, 2017

…figuring she’d be the target of the oversized zucchini jokes

6. Cathy - September 6, 2017


Naughty mind.

7. lauraw - September 6, 2017

I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of it first. What has happened to me??

Cathy - September 6, 2017

Laura, guess you aren’t hanging around me enough…

8. geoff - September 6, 2017
9. Sobek - September 6, 2017

Laura? Cathy?

10. Sobek - September 6, 2017

My kid just got really into growing zucchini. I’m not sick of it yet. I found that story because he wanted me to Google around for information on record zucchini sizes by state.

11. Mark in NJ - September 6, 2017

Kind words are useless when folks lie
Cold in a narrow bed
Don’t wait till death to speak kind words
Now should the words be said

12. Sobek - September 7, 2017

My kid has been using his homegrown zucchini to make cinnamon swirl zucchini bread. 🙂

13. lauraw - September 8, 2017

Mmmm. I never really got into making zucch breads with them.

When I have extra and big ones I shred them and cook them down until about half volume, then freeze. Good as a soup/stew additive in Winter.

14. Retired Geezer - September 8, 2017

Mrs. Geezer makes Apple Pie with Zucchini. People can’t tell the difference.

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