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Quick Reviews of Sci-Fi TV Shows & Movies September 26, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

I’ve been watching stuff (old and new) whilst basking and imbibing (copiously) in the hot tub. Here are my takes on things I’ve watched in the last couple of months.

  • Killjoys: Liked it through 3 seasons (despite the lead’s constant bleating of “Dav, Dav.”). It’s been renewed for 2 more seasons, which should finish the story.
  • Dark Matter: Liked the first season (a lot), but it lost me very early in the second season. Not renewed after season 3.
  • The Expanse: The hardest sci-fi out there (hard = more “sci” less “fi”). Outstanding through its first 2 seasons. It’s been renewed, so the fun will resume early next year.
  • RIPD: Ghostbusters meets Men in Black and nobody gives a hoot. Could have been good. Wasn’t.
  • Ghost in the Shell: There was a lot of controversy over the casting of Scarlett Johansson in an adaptation of an anime series (apparently those roles are restricted to Japanese actors). There should have been more controversy over how they made a cool anime clunky and boring. Bought it on Amazon, but couldn’t make it past 10 minutes.
  • Lucy: Had I seen Lucy before Valerian, I would never have bothered with Valerian (which you may recall I (and the Geezers) panned a few months ago). Luc Besson has lost his magic and resorted to brainless treatments of sci-fi material.
  • Van Helsing: Hated the movie many years ago, and now hate the current TV series for fresh and exciting new reasons. First, it ain’t about vampires – they’ve turned vampires into what are essentially zombies. Second, it drags. And drags. And drags. Third, it abuses flashbacks like Anthony Weiner abuses Twitter (or whatever social media thingy he likes to send his d-pics on).
  • Stranger Things: Liked it, but only as a binger. Not watching Season 2 until all episodes are out at once.


1. Retired Geezer - September 26, 2017

We checked ‘Prometheus’ out of the library, knowing it had bad reviews.
They were correct.
Couldn’t make it past 15 mins.

2. Evil Con Carne - October 16, 2017

I’m sorry you disliked ‘Prometheus’, Geezer. It was hard to follow but I loved it! ‘Stranger Things’ is a really good show. My wife and I are kind of obsessed with it.

I’ve been on a Cronenberg kick lately. ‘Videodrom’ is my next watch when I get time.

Has anyone watched the HBO series ‘WestWorld’? I watched the old movie when I was a kid and I still love it.

3. Sobek - October 16, 2017

I watched Prometheus and thought meh. It wasn’t hard to follow, it was just impossible to get to understand the characters.

The first Alien movie is a movie about people, and there’s an alien in it. The later movies are about aliens, oh and by the way there are some people on the screen some times.

In Prometheus, nothing any of the human characters do makes any sense so you can’t sympathize, and you don’t really care when they die horribly. One day I spent several hours reading theories about the engineers, and all of a sudden their motivations and behaviors made a lot more sense, and the movie got more interesting. But a) you shouldn’t have to read a bunch of extraneous stuff never included in the movie to understand the movie, and b) none of it made the humans comprehensible.

I never saw the movie Donnie Darko, but I read an extremely long essay which explained the plot based on an intricate world created entirely outside of the movie. If that’s your thing, okay, but don’t expect most people who aren’t willing to devote a substantial portion of their lives to figure out what’s going on to like the movie. The essay did not persuade me to go watch it.

4. Sobek - October 16, 2017

I should add, as a huge fan of Alien, that I really wanted Prometheus to be good. I’ve been meaning to watch it again since reading a bunch of fan theories but haven’t gotten to it yet.

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