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The Blessings of Blogging October 11, 2017

Posted by geoff in News.

[Subtitle: Innocent Bystanders June meetup after-action report]

‘Twas the third week of June nearly four months ago, when The Hostages (H2 in the sidebar) scheduled a meatup (<== that’s what those H2ers call their meetups) for June 24 in Cheyenne. Since Cheyenne has pretty poor connections, airport-wise, the Hostages were planning on flying into Denver and driving up to Cheyenne.

I usually check out the H2 website daily, and comment maybe weeklyishkindof. So I thought I’d join the fun, since I live in Colorado. But then Jewstin, the host in Cheyenne, went AWOL, and the meatup started falling apart.

Well, said I, if you already were planning on coming to Denver, I can host a gathering there. And so it was decided.

It was not a well-organized weekend. Almost all of the Hostages bailed out as the date approached (Jam2 and Osoloco hung in there), leaving it as pretty much an Innocent Bystanders meetup. So the event in the end featured the illustrious assemblage of lauraw & scott; Retired Geezer & bride; Skinbad, Mrs. S. and two broodlets; the aforementioned H2ers; and myself.

The organizational issues were exacerbated by the absence of my wife and daughter, who had to go to a college orientation weekend in Philadelphia. Lets just say that my lack of social skills is thoroughly eclipsed by my lack of logistical ability, so preparing for a party was a challenge I was never going to rise to meet. I did manage to at least get the house cleaned (to my inexacting standards), though the Geezers will attest to the fact that I do not count toilet paper rolls very accurately.

In any case, we went out to dinner a couple of times, hung out at my place yakking a bit, and had a beer or so at my favorite dive bar (bought out and closed 6 weeks later, sigh).

But lets get to the loot, er, blessings. [Loot pics are below the fold, and they are so very worth it]

The Skinbadites, having some enormous karmic debt or something, were driven by a malicious destiny to stay at my house (sorry guys). They must have had a lot of karmic issues, because they even came bearing gifts – the awesome handiwork of Mrs. Skinbad.

First, there was the jar of homemade raspberry jam:


And then, a homemade blanket which dropped my jaw. First the front:


Then the back:




This blanket is always in my van, because it’s perfect for eating outside in cooler weather. And it makes a statement. A very personal statement.

A week later they sent me a Home Depot gift card as well. They are very silly, absurdly generous, greatly talented people.



And then were the Geezers, who were also consigned by fate to crash at my house. Poor b*stards. BTW, if you ever have the chance, you have got to have Retired Geezer show you their competitive shooting videos. Incredible.

Anyway, loot, Loot, LOOT!!

First of all, they took me out to my favorite pub, which has the best Fish and Chips in Colorado (shut up stupid East Coast and UK people), and my favorite beer (Fuller’s ESB). This did not displease me.

After they left, this arrived in the mail:


Is this not cool? This is cool.

But wait.

Yesterday. Yes, October 10, 2017. Yesterday, this guy arrived in the mail:


I don’t think you’re seeing this. Here’s a closeup of the beer-slurping action:


This is now one of the coolest things in my possession.

Thanks so much, dynamic Geezer duo. You are goofy folk who never know when to quit. And Mrs. Geezer is a stained glass genius.



So yes, I am a blessed blogger, befriended by people I’ve now known for 10 – 15 years. Thanks to all my anemic cobloggers, regulars at the site, and those of you who go out of your way to get to the meetups.


1. skinbad - October 11, 2017

That stained glass is awesome! And my wife’s “camp quilts” are, indeed, pretty great. The day we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park, the wind was whipping us way up there and we were semi-shivering in our geoff-borrowed sweatshirts. My one daughter said, “Hey, this is a pretty nice sweatshirt.” My wife and I both glared at her and said, “Don’t say that, or he’ll give it to you.” Thanks again. I don’t really know what a mensch is, but I think you’re one.

2. Cathy - October 11, 2017

You guys are awesome. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of an IB or H2 friend. You’ve been there for me through and through.

I love that Stained Glass!!! Mrs. Geezer is very talented and sweet. Hugs to all.

3. Jimbro - October 11, 2017

My sister is a quilter and has gifted us several over the years. That beer quilt is in a word, spectacular! I’ll be sending her this post as inspiration for her next project.

4. geoff - October 11, 2017

Mrs. Skinbad and your sister could crank out a bunch to sell at the Great American Beer Festival. I’d man the booth.

For a while.

5. lauraw - October 11, 2017

God, I’m useless and without merit.

*hangs all appendages at the lowest possible level*

6. geoff - October 11, 2017

Plus the word’s out that you’re a Ben Affleck fangirl.

7. Sobek - October 11, 2017

Yeah, I heard Laura really likes B-Fleck. That’s what I heard.

Did someone mention something about her having a tattoo related to him? I could be wrong.

8. lauraw - October 12, 2017

We shall see about that.

9. geoff - October 12, 2017

Poor Ace.

I pity da foo.

10. lauraw - October 12, 2017

Sobek, did you purposely shut off comments for your newest post?

11. geoff - October 12, 2017

Which post? The one linked by AoSHQ a few days ago was old, and I think comments are closed after 90 or 120 days.

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