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Is it Just Me? October 22, 2017

Posted by Retired Geezer in Art, Ducks.

Do these things annoy you also or is it just me?

Getting change back from a purchase and all the bills are not right side up. (even at the bank)

Hearing people on TV saying Schtrong instead of Strong.

What are some things that bug you?


1. Retired Geezer - October 22, 2017

Clickbait in general:
Learn these Weird Tricks to save money. (Number 3 will amaze you).

2. Jimbro - October 22, 2017

Here you go


Read about this today

3. Retired Geezer - October 22, 2017

YAY Jimbro!
You indeed saved me many clicks.

4. Sobek - October 22, 2017

I like Saved You a Click. It doesn’t technically save me any clicks, because I wasn’t going to click anyway, but I like that it exists.

I guess I don’t live near enough Germans to hear anyone say schtrong.

5. geoff - October 23, 2017

Stupid internet lists.

6. geoff - October 23, 2017

People who prefer circles to triangles in graphs.

7. Retired Geezer - October 23, 2017

geoff scored big with the circles/triangles comment.

8. Pupster - October 29, 2017

See all your data with this one weird trick!

(Graphic Artists Hate Him)

9. Sobek - October 29, 2017

Ken the Graphic Artist has grudging respect for him.

10. clarinetpassion - November 6, 2017

conductors who talk too much instead of just cnducting

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