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Black-capped chickadee November 8, 2017

Posted by Sobek in News.



1. Jimbro - November 8, 2017

A frequent site in my neck of the woods


2. Sobek - November 8, 2017

Oh, cool. I didn’t realize Maine had that on the license plate. I just did a search for Montana birds and that was one of the first hits.

3. Cathy - November 9, 2017

Always enjoy your artwork, Sobek. Thanks. You’re very talented.

4. lauraw - November 9, 2017

My monitor is terrible. Is that dry brush technique on the tail?

5. OBF - November 9, 2017

All you need is 3 and 20 more and you can make a pie.

6. Sobek - November 9, 2017

No, Laura.

7. Mountain Chickadee | Innocent Bystanders - December 9, 2017

[…] difference between a mountain chickadee and a Black-capped chickadee is that the former has Old Man […]

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