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Inspiration November 24, 2017

Posted by daveintexas in News.

Ok I’ll give it a shot.  I’m not very good at this but it’s always fun to try new things.


I slipped a bit at the end there.



1. Sobek - November 24, 2017

This made me smile.

2. Retired Geezer - November 24, 2017

Not enough feathers.

3. lauraw - November 25, 2017

*looks around on the floor for Dave’s thumb*

4. Jimbro - November 25, 2017

How long can a headless turkey live?

5. Sobek - November 25, 2017

So maybe my turkey post was worth a sidebar link at the mothership?

6. Cathy - November 27, 2017

Right-handed and maybe double jointed.

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