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Important Blog Post November 10, 2017

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Black-capped chickadee November 8, 2017

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This Sort of Thing Has Happened to Me With My Kids… November 8, 2017

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…and I’m just eternally thankful that it somehow worked out.

Exports Inching Upwards November 7, 2017

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The Bureau of Economic Analysis released its monthly trade balance report last Friday. Not too bad – exports are slowly climbing upward.


We’re getting within spitting distance of $200 billion, for the first time in 2 years.

Free Pass On Our Dissolute Lifestyles November 3, 2017

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As Instapundit is wont to say: “Faster Please.

A new drug designed for tackling cancer and diabetes has been found to melt away fat that clogs up arteries.

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen claim that just a single dose of the new drug Trodusquemine can completely reverse the effects of Atherosclerosis.

So it’s a race between my terrible diet and science.

Manufacturing Jobs are Looking Positively Unbridled November 3, 2017

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Back in the bad old days of the Obama administration, promises were made and quickly forgotten. One of the more important promises was Barack Obama’s pledge at the 2012 DNC convention to add 1 million manufacturing jobs within 4 years.

He never got close, of course. By the time he left office he had only added 400K, most of which were due to the rebound of the economy. In his last year and half he didn’t add any manufacturing jobs. At all.

Donald Trump isn’t on the million job pace either, but he is presiding over a very welcome surge in manufacturing jobs, having added just over 100K in the past 9 months. Check it out:


That there is a dramatic positive change in manufacturing employment, which is very nice to see.

A Not Horrible Jobs Report November 3, 2017

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The BLS released their monthly Employment Situation Summary, with strong gains shown in the Establishment Survey. I, however, use the Household Survey data, which gives not quite as rosy a picture:


But at least it stayed over 0.5 for the second straight month, which is encouraging.

Five Views of Montana November 1, 2017

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All of these from the past two weeks.