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New Shocking Numbers December 31, 2017

Posted by Retired Geezer in Law.


1. Retired Geezer - December 31, 2017

I’m surprised.

2. lauraw - January 1, 2018


I could only listen to that Noorani guy for a few seconds before rolling my eyes.

3. lauraw - January 1, 2018

And why is it appropriate to add illegal immigrant outreach to all the shit local law enforcement have to do already? Ridiculous. This ‘in the shadows’ bullshit has to stop. They’re not in the shadows. They’re quite open and bold, especially in places where they know cops aren’t allowed to ask them what their immigration status is.

4. Cathy - January 1, 2018

Watch out… Y’all are starting to sound like raacists!

5. geoff - January 1, 2018

…why is it appropriate to add illegal immigrant outreach to all the shit local law enforcement have to do already?

Which is the only option Noorani offers, as opposed to, say, just shrinking the illegal immigrant communities.

I wish the stats distinguished between legal and illegal immigrants. I would hope that legal immigrants would have a much lower crime rate than illegal immigrants – otherwise we really have to change our admission process.

If it’s true that legal immigrants have a lower crime rate than illegals, then the crime rate among illegal immigrants is even higher.

I’m not tired of winning yet, but Trump’s got to be getting tired of being proven right.

6. lauraw - January 1, 2018

One crime stat TC did not include is rape. Being near a sanctuary city here in CT, we hear about rapes and DUI accident fatalities (illegals LOVE to drink and drive), but I can’t seem to find any stats. Go figure.

7. lauraw - January 1, 2018
8. geoff - January 1, 2018
9. Mark in NJ - January 2, 2018

Noorani’s responses were indeed pathetic. Rather than blabber about local law enforcement, a few things he might’ve pointed out include:

1) Tucker’s assertion that “non-citizens are more likely to be arrested, convicted and imprisoned for serious crimes than people who were born here” is based solely on federal conviction data.

2) The federal government is the only entity that enforces immigration related offenses, so it convicts non-citizens at a higher rate than it convicts criminal citizens for the same crimes. And the federal prison population only makes up about 10% of the total US prison population. Therefore, the federal conviction rates of non-citizens are in no way indicative of the percentage of the total amount of crime in the United States that non-citizens commit.

3) As an example, in 2016 there were only 85 federal convictions for murder out of a nationwide total of 17,785 murder convictions that year, so federally convicted non-citizens were responsible for around 22% of 0.5% of all murders in the US. That’s 0.11%.

4) Tucker is either an idiot or a dishonest douchebag (or both)

10. geoff - January 2, 2018

In reply:

1) …because there is no other data available.

2) Unless you’re claiming that discovery of immigration violations commonly uncovers other crimes, I don’t really think that’s relevant. If you’re claiming that, then please show your work. And 10% is certainly statistically significant.

3) First of all, you’re comparing murder to murder+manslaughter convictions. Second, you need to look at the statistical significance, not the percentage. For the murder data, if you add in manslaughter (which improves the story for non-citizens), you find that the percentage of crimes committed by non-citizens (15.6%) is likely to reflect the murder/manslaughter breakout of the nation to within 6 points (95% confidence). Not quite a large enough sample, but not meaningless. And third, if you look at the ~7000 drug crimes committed by non-citizens for that year, you certainly have a valid sample size. (The 32.45% rate of drug crimes by non-citizens is likely to be accurate within 1.1 points.)

Of course, if there is a disconnect between the federal and state statistics, then the sample size calculations don’t apply. Non-citizens may, for example, be more inclined to commit interstate drug offenses than citizens. But until you can show that, you’re stuck with the statistics as they stand.

4) I think that’s a ridiculous statement.

11. lauraw - January 3, 2018


And as far as any stats about how illegals are supposedly less likely to commit violent crimes and murders than citizens; OK, so let’s say that is true. Even if so, it is still irrelevant.

Because unlike crimes committed by citizens, all the violent crimes and murders committed by illegals were preventable if we had been enforcing our immigration laws. All those deaths, rapes, etc- that’s on us as a nation for leaving the gate open.

Nearly the entire State of Connecticut is an alien sanctuary, now. Our governor is mentally stunted. The aliens have driver’s licenses…but they aren’t allowed to vote (wink, wink!). Oh, and we subsidize college for their illegal children by giving them in-state tuition. That seems fair.

My mom had to pay a lot of money and jump through all the hoops to become a legal citizen, when I was a kid. The US is still putting legal immigrants through their paces. Meanwhile we’re rolling out the red carpet to people who are, frankly, demanding and abusive assholes.

12. lauraw - January 3, 2018

Unrelated: my dad and I were in a restaurant today and The Battle of New Orleans came on. Dad called it ‘The Battle of 1814’ and sang along. I never heard it before and was tickled that he knew all the words, and he told me that he learned it in music class in school when he was a kid.

Imagine. A music teacher getting a bunch of kids singing a song about shooting the British. What would happen to that teacher today?

13. geoff - January 3, 2018

Because unlike crimes committed by citizens, all the violent crimes and murders committed by illegals were preventable if we had been enforcing our immigration laws.

Yes – it’s like the silly argument that there’s more homegrown ultra-right terrorism than radical Islamic terrorism in the US. If we already have a significant terrorism problem at home, why import more?

I think previous waves of illegal immigrants were different than the current wave. Per the limited stats available, they did keep their heads down and work their butts off – it was the 2nd and 3rd generations who had higher crime rates than the national average. The current wave, however, seems qualitatively different.

14. lauraw - January 3, 2018

Yeah, they march in rallies waving the flag of their country of origin, calling us racists, and making demands that we change our laws to accommodate their needs, not ours. Abusive and entitled attitudes make quite the qualitative difference.

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