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The Presidential Piehole January 11, 2018

Posted by geoff in News.

…should remain closed unless a teleprompter is on.

It’s been clear from the start that President Trump is not a statesman, nor a diplomat, nor even someone with the normal valve between their brain and their mouth. He is, instead, a blunt businessman who is used to talking to a room full of people who aren’t in a position to criticize his speech.

So, despite all of his policy successes, we have a president who brings media storms down upon himself time and again. Completely unnecessary media storms.

Like today’s sh*th*le controversy.

Let me say straight away that no member of the federal government should ever be referring to other countries in that fashion. While it is fair to criticize an immigration policy that imports people who do not bring skills, money, or business to our country, it is ridiculous for the President of the United States to refer to the parent countries of those people as “sh*th*les.”

Absolutely ridiculous.

In my opinion, Donald Trump has assembled the best collection of policies in decades, but combined them with a demeanor which is completely unqualified for the position of president.

Damn it.


1. lauraw - January 12, 2018

I agree. His demeanor is horrible. Well, you can’t have everything.

His first year was rollicking good fun and I’m stoked to see the economy shudder to life after years of having a leftist regulatory wet towel dampening the fuck out of it and destroying enterprise in the cradle.

I could have packed several more metaphors in there if I really tried.

I don’t really believe we can grow our way out of the 20 trillion in debt we got thanks to Obama, but maybe life won’t suck so bad for a while and millennials will begin to understand what it feels like to be alive during a time of relative prosperity and opportunity, and connect the dots.

2. lauraw - January 12, 2018

I think this article is actually just an attempt to desensitize us to the word shithole. But it makes good points about MS13 and Al shabaab and Afghanistan.


3. Cathy - January 12, 2018

Great metaphors, Laura.

I wish Trump hadn’t said that…

But he’s right. About 25 years ago and for about 15 years our family financially sponsored a sweet kid in Haiti named Senio. Our support not only helped him stay in school, but helped his mom and dad too. I wrote him letters (which were translated into French) and we’d get letters and photos of him back which were translated back into English. What a sad, sad place Haiti is. Even though Senio tried hard to study, help his family with chores, stay upbeat, etc. he shared when family members were sick, disabled, out of work, trying… trying… trying to make a living. Living like that day in and day out affects your self-worth. I’m glad he had us and was able to stay in school until he was 18. But I sensed such hopelessness despite all the charity from people like us AND funds from our own government continuing to go to that corrupt sh*thole.

Remember the 7.0 earthquake eight years ago? The United States along with other nations and many well-known international charitable organizations responded very quickly and generously. But the outcomes were less successful. In fact they were frustrating and chaotic. Why?? Corruption. Mismanagement. Oppression. Croneyism. The government in Haiti always insists on controlling and funneling funds and resources. It made successful disaster response very difficult.

For over 20 years I’ve done and supported disaster response and world wide mission building projects. I served on the board of directors for a charitable organization that does disaster relief work. So this corruption in Haiti really pisses me off.

I heard when rebuilding is done in Haiti, it’s not always done to codes needed to withstand subsequent disasters. Duh. That’s just stupid… and corrupt. You know funds are going into the wrong pockets.

Haiti endures hurricanes and tropical storms frequently, but I think the earthquake kinda uncovered even more about how corrupt they are. MORE attention and MORE resources are ALWAYS given to Haiti than what is seen in the outcomes. But funds continue to be mismanaged by cronies and their government. So think about it… This has got to really piss of our Prez, the Builder.

And don’t get me started about the creepy Clinton-Crime-Family-Foundation ‘work’ in Haiti. That would be a whole new thread.

The sweet people are kept poor and oppressed despite all the money that nation gets from private charities and other nations. The Haitian government folks are whores. They fill their pockets while leaving the people living in a sh*thole. Period.

Trump knows it doesn’t have to be this way. Trump cares about the people, I think. He is angry for good reason and could have said a lot worse.

4. Cathy - January 12, 2018

Thanks for the linky in comment #2, Laura. It really resonates with me.

5. terribletroy - January 12, 2018

First, He flat out denies saying it. This means he probably didnt say it and he knows there is no “gotcha” recording that exists (cause he didnt say it)

Second, Durbin’s carefully parsed statement for some reason avoids the exact words the President supposedly used. If Durbin was there, and the President said these words in his presence, why hasn’t Durbin reported exactly what the President said? (Ill give ya a hint… its cause he didnt say the word shithole)

Third, Even if he did, so what? This is emperor has no clothes level nonsense. Haiti is a utterly failed nation state. It has survived on nothing but foreign aid for at least the past 20 yrs and is still a failed state. Disease, Famine, inadequate clean water supply, open corruption, warlords, organized crime, all completely out of control, but its a bad thing if anyone says that out loud? And furthermore, there are more than a few countries around the world that are in the same predicament. They exist on every continent.

In a nutshell, Im not concerned in the least that the President is brusque or doesnt always communicate in a “diplomatic” manner. As I go about my day, I alternate between diplomatic and brutally frank assessments and Im willing to extend that latitude to the President. Matter of fact I enjoy his willingness to call a spade a spade. I find it refreshing in contrast to carefully crafted “statements” most pols make.

This is nothing but another smear campaign against this President and Im not buying it, nor would I care if it were true. We are in a War for the soul of the nation and I want a wartime leader that is willing to get down and dirty inorder to save the republic from progressive marxists. I want a President that tells a saber rattling failed nation state with nukes that we will wipe them off the face of the planet if they attack us. I want a President that asks why we should focus on allowing only the most poor and illiterate and ill into our country at the expensive of those that bring something (self sustainability) to the table. And I want a leader that doesn’t allow others to make up shit, talk shit, and generally try to bully him by giving it right back to them on their level.

But thats just me…. I could be crazy

6. Cathy - January 12, 2018

Sorry, guys. I’ve forgotten how to do this blogging stuff… Hope you can access this and read if you wanna…


7. geoff - January 12, 2018

This is nothing but another smear campaign against this President and Im not buying it

I would so like to believe that. We have Graham and Durbin both saying he said it, and Durbin said that he used exactly that word. I don’t like either gentleman, but it doesn’t sound good for Trump.

I agree that Trump’s policies are good – I said that throughout the post. But the leader of the free world (which he’ll hopefully resume being, after Obama dropped the position) cannot refer to other countries in that fashion.

Particularly if there’s the slightest chance a RINO or DEM will get wind of it.

8. Mrs. Peel - January 13, 2018

What with everything I’m dealing with kid-wise and personally, my give-a-damn is pretty much busted – it’s hard for me to care about the stuff I’m actually paid to care about, much less something like this.

I guess if POTUS goes on TV and calls a place a shithole while standing up behind the state seal, I’d think that was inappropriate. But in an off-the-record situation? I’m not sure exactly when this was supposed to have occurred (as I have difficulty giving a damn, I have not bothered reading any of the articles), but it doesn’t appear to have been Official (TM). I don’t really care if the president uses salty language once in a while. (Trying to think of an exception…maybe if he called some female head of state a b or c? I don’t think I’d care if he called another head of state an a, assuming they really were one.)

9. lauraw - January 13, 2018

That’s a good point, Peelie. For cryin’ out loud, President Johnson used to whip out his peener.

Who here thinks that Dems will ever have off-the-record access to this President again? Those days are probably over.

Now he should do everything on camera that he can.

Cathy - January 13, 2018

After listening to callers on several talk radio programs yesterday, I’m changing my mind. I’m not at all sad that Trump said whatever he said. And I’m not yet convinced he did anymore either. Most Americans agree and support the Prez. They are glad he is fighting back and representing them and feel it’s about time that places like Haiti are called out on their corruption and abuse of good American tax dollars.

10. lauraw - January 13, 2018
11. ChrisP - January 13, 2018

Dick “DICK” Durban said he said it. Dick also called the US military “Nazis”, and has been caught lying before.
Miss Lindsy said he criticized DJT for his crudeness, but I did not see that he quoted “shithole”.
Oh, have you seen Haiti or pictures of it, lately?
It’s a shithole.

Two C-130s full of food and medical supplies were trapped on the ramp the two weeks, until the right palms were greased.

Haiti runs on bribes and corruption and always has.

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