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Self-Deprecating and Possibly Humorous Morning Anecdote January 17, 2018

Posted by skinbad in Lurkers, Music, Nature Shit, Obama's Legacy, Personal Experiences, Privacy.

So, I was in the shower this morning. The Mrs had done her morning ritual and was out and on to the kitchen activities. I believed I had the room to myself. Then, unexpectedly, I made a . . . sound. It was surprising in both volume and duration. I almost burst out laughing, but caught myself when I heard my wife’s voice say, “Need more conditioner?” I looked down at the nearly-empty conditioner bottle (nowhere near me) and said, “sure.” Momentarily, a new bottle was pushed around the shower curtain. I took it with a “thanks.”

Let’s just keep this between fake internet friends, OK?


1. Cathy - January 17, 2018

Twoo Love!

2. geoff - January 17, 2018

Note to self:

Keep near-empty bottle of shampoo or conditioner in shower at all times.

3. lauraw - January 18, 2018

Maybe you should keep a trumpet in there too

4. geoff - January 18, 2018

That would certainly cover the spectrum. Here’s a particularly obnoxious example of my trumpet aspirations:

5. lauraw - January 18, 2018

That is going to take a lot of practice with timing and control. Every boy needs a hobby!

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