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Still Limping Along After All These Years February 19, 2018

Posted by geoff in News.

[This is a repost of a June 10, 2007 post by Michael. I thought it was interesting that there was talk of closing IB over 10 years ago, but that the blog is still here. And no, I’m not thinking of quitting again (though my life is not leaving me much time for blogging).]

When Would You Quit Innocent Bystanders?

A rash of blog closings got me thinking about this: RWS, Feisty, HayZeus, All You Need Is Jack, Garfield Ridge.

Along with this comment by Geoff on his blog:

The unfortunate side effect of this proliferation of blogs is that the community at AoSHQ has lost some of its substance. And the same thing appears to be happening at Innocent Bystanders: comments are slowing down as people tend to their own posts and thread discussions.

Traffic hasn’t actually slowed down yet. If you adjust for Google Video hits on the infamous Jessica Alba pic, our “regular” traffic showed strong growth from inception until April.

In May, for the first time, we seemed to plateau, consistent with Geoff’s observation that recently a number of satellite blogs have launched that occupy people’s time.

So, when should we quit? We’re probably about to hit a summer traffic slump. Do we go out on top now? Do we wait until everyone is bored and traffic is rapidly trending down?

Innocent Bystanders started out as a joke by Retired Geezer.   It morphed into a continuation of the BlogWisconsin thread at Letters from Desolation Row, which was really kind of a chat room. Then it actually became a minor presence in the blogosphere, operating on the periphery of AoSHQ.

For me personally, IB was originally sort of a marketing experiment that I was very involved with. That experiment is over. IB started as Geezer and me goofing around. As it currently operates, IB will easily draw 25,ooo+ visits and 50,000+ page views per month, without anybody trying too hard. Now it’s a hobby, and a way to keep in touch with people I feel connected to. I put less effort into it than I used to.

It’s obvious that most small websites like Innocent Bystanders have a limited shelf life. So, Geoff got me thinking. When is the right time to quit?

I’m certainly not saying it’s now. I don’t really think we’re done yet. I’m just wondering — when?

A lot of you are involved in Innocent Bystanders, so I’m curious what you think.

When should we quit Innocent Bystanders?


1. geoff - February 19, 2018

We have 6949 posts on IB – just 51 until we hit 7000.

That should only take us two or three years.

2. Sobek - February 19, 2018

We already quit, remember? We made a big production about it and everything.

3. geoff - February 19, 2018

Yeah, the link on the word “again” goes to Dave’s last post when we quit.

Which was almost 3 years ago!

4. Jimbro - February 19, 2018

Not dead yet, just arthritic

5. Sobek - February 19, 2018

We also spiked our traffic. We should quit more often.

6. lauraw - February 19, 2018

I forgot that we quit a few years ago. And I’m pretty sure I cried and everything. Wow.

7. Sobek - February 21, 2018

Why aren’t there any more songs about whether or not the singer can drive 55?

8. lauraw - February 21, 2018

We’ve been waiting for you to write one.

9. Retired Geezer - February 22, 2018

Dave can write the song, Sobek can do the album cover.

10. vaitguy - February 23, 2018

It would be another very sad day if this blog were shuttered, again. We need to bring in the next generation of commenters! said the long-time lurker. Raise them up in the way they should go, etc.

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