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Whence the Moral Authority of the Victim? February 24, 2018

Posted by geoff in News.

Just wanted to say that being a victim does not give you any moral authority or particular insight into policy. But our media and academia have turned victimhood from a tragic human interest story into a license to grab a pulpit and start lecturing the rest of the country.

As many have pointed out, it’s particularly ironic in the case of the FL shootings, where the Anti-Gun crowd’s recommended procedures for safety were followed precisely:

  1. Do not permit weapons in school
  2. Alert authorities if you feel that a student represents a danger
  3. If a shooting situation does occur, let the authorities handle it

There is also the unwritten rule: If the system fails and there are fatalities, trot out the survivors to blame gun owners and the NRA. [Because of their Cindy Sheehan-like absolute moral authority]

Though I’m not a member of the NRA, I’m terminally irritated with Symantec for dropping their NRA discount program on such an illogical basis. I’ve been a faithful customer of theirs for almost 30 years.

Time for another boycott.


1. Jimbro - February 24, 2018

FNB of Omaha dropped their sponsorship of the NRA Visa card. I’m an NRA member and have this card. I’ll go with either their new card sponsor or just go back to using another card I have as a backup.

2. ChrisPChrisP - February 24, 2018

The Florida shooting was the product of Obama/Holder Policy:


The NRA had nothing to do with it, it’s all about racial “Statistics” In Miami-Dade and Broward school districts. Racisim, all the way.


3. lauraw - February 28, 2018

geoff, why is my little popup plastic greenhouse 5 degrees colder inside it at night than the outside temperature? It gets real warm during the sunny days (of course) but then at night when it cools down, it goes 5 degrees lower than the outdoor temp and stays there until the sun hits it again the next morning. No matter what, about five degrees colder than whatever the outside temp is.

Can you splain?

4. geoff - February 28, 2018

That there’s cold fusion at work.

I just looked it up:


First-time high tunnel users expect these daytime warm conditions to be maintained at night, but are surprised to find that on cold, clear nights, the air temperature in the tunnel drops to the temperature outside or lower. The reason for this is that the plastic film is transparent not only to visible light, but also to the invisible long wavelengths that represent infra-red or heat energy. During the day, so much of that energy is coming in from the sun that the temperature goes up in the tunnel, but at night, that source is shut off, and the heat can escape quickly.

Basically the IR radiation at night is radiating to space, so the effect doesn’t happen if it’s a cloudy night. You could get one of them fancy IR-blocking films, or just put a mylar blanket (shiny side down) over it at night.

5. lauraw - February 28, 2018

Wow! Science! Thanks, man.

6. lauraw - March 1, 2018

Well now, I thought about it, but I’m pretty sure it actually did happen on a cloudy night. I’ll wait to re-check on this. And doesn’t heat escape from everything else in the environment out to space on clear nights too? Why *colder* inside the greenhouse?

I must be missing something. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get it, I’m just glad I noticed what was happening before I put good plants in there while it was really too cold.

7. geoff - March 1, 2018

My guess is that while the exterior environment is also radiating to space, the amount of air to cool down is much larger than inside your greenhouse. That is, your greenhouse may have to cool a volume of air that is maybe 6 feet or 8 feet high, while the exterior has to cool a volume that is maybe a thousand feet high.

Your clouds are CT clouds, which have probably been bribed to let radiation through.

8. lauraw - March 1, 2018

*smacks forehead*

so obvious

that’s how everything works around here

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