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Dank Leopold/Trump Meme March 14, 2018

Posted by skinbad in News.

I guess it’s from a contest last year, but I’m always behind the times. I LOLed. The Bugs Bunny “Long-Haired Hare” is one of my family’s favorites. I had a fantastic-strange disc I bought on ebay that came from the Philippines. It was a CD-Video disc and had Long-Haired Hare, Rabbit of Seville, What’s Opera Doc, Hillbilly Hare and a few more. It was always an adventure to try to figure out how to get it to play in the DVD player without stopping after each number.

Quite a few years ago we were singing a hymn in church (“We Are All Enlisted”) and there is a note that you hold for a couple of beats and then drop it down (like it’s hot) for the fermata. When the note dropped, I put my hand down and wiggled my finger and my kids all lost it at the thought of Bugs doing “Leopold.” Now I have to sit in front of the congregation and when that hymn comes along, I don’t dare look at my family or I will certainly start laughing. Anyway, I hope the guy who thought this up won something.


1. Sobek - March 14, 2018

So much of my love for classical music comes from Bugs Bunny.

2. lauraw - March 15, 2018

Early Warner Bros. cartoons are like seventeen pounds of genius stuffed in a ten-pound sack.

3. Sobek - March 15, 2018

Also, yes, this is reasonably dank.

4. Sobek - March 15, 2018

Also also, whoever wrote the text on the left side of the video forgot the word “child” after the word “a”.

5. skinbad - March 16, 2018

He’s kind of an equal opportunity guy.

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