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I Took Some Pictures May 1, 2018

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1. lauraw - May 1, 2018

Are these the pictures you took?

2. Sobek - May 1, 2018

They are!

3. Cathy - May 2, 2018


4. geoff - May 2, 2018

For some reason they remind me of this old Calvin and Hobbes strip.

5. lauraw - May 2, 2018

I like the center one the best. The light is gorgeous.

6. skinbad - May 3, 2018

Our Dutch exchange girl always says, “Would you make a picture?” or “I’m going to make a picture.” It’s cute, and actually makes more sense than “take.” Though we do harass/correct her so she can sound more “American.”

Cathy - May 3, 2018

Dutch Exchange Student!!! Yay! Hey, lighten up on the DutchGirl!

Tell her hello for me. My father was born and raised in Middleberg Holland. He was an officer on a Dutch ship and part of the Allied forces during World War II. I still have his side of the family all living in Holland. We Dutch folks *giggle* are good people who have put up with a lot, enjoy being goofy and wearing a lot of orange, and still keep the sense of humor.

AND… consider this. Most Dutch students learn a LOT of languages just to be able to play well with others. My cousins learned English, French, German well enough to speak them fluently. Sheesh! Think about that.

7. Cathy - May 3, 2018

Laura, that center photo is my favorite too. It reminds me of an original pastel painting that one of my Dutch relatives did of storm clouds in a landscape. My mom has it, but I’ve requested it as part of what items I will inherit from her.

8. skinbad - May 3, 2018

She’s great and her family came over recently to take her on a road trip of the west. Wonderful people. They all speak English very well.

And . . . nice photos, Sobek.

9. daveintexas - May 3, 2018

>> “Would you make a picture?”

My aunt Opal used to say “make a picture”

I loved that about her

10. Sobek - May 4, 2018

Super simple, repetitive song, but also incredibly catchy.

11. Sobek - May 4, 2018

I also love how it just builds and builds for almost the entire running time. Throw in another instrument, bump up the volume a bit, dial up the intensity throughout. Then with twenty seconds left they drop back to a “chorus” (the song structure is so odd that I’m not sure that’s the right word).

12. Sobek - May 4, 2018

And this is beautiful sad, which is about right for something by the Cure.

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