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Climb, Climb, Climb!! June 4, 2018

Posted by geoff in News.

The press is abuzz with superlatives over the latest employment situation report. In fact, even our own lauraw crawled out of her nest of human remains to put up a post about it at Ace’s.

But were the numbers really all that great? Not until IB says so:


Not too bad, actually. In fact, this is the best showing since September of 2008.

But that curve is still awfully flat.


1. Retired Geezer - June 4, 2018

I knew Lauraw before she was famous.
She even sent me a tuber.

2. lauraw - June 5, 2018

Interesting. The Chart™ is nearly always interesting. I would love to see that line take off. I guess much of the increase lately must be part time work?

A lot of the jobs that the older people lost back in 2009 really aren’t coming back, that much is true. I know a lot of those people have downsized and cobbled two and three little jobs together to stay afloat. But that good higher income they used to have within a long previously solid career trajectory, nope. The world has changed a great deal, and those folks aren’t going to get back onto a professional track unless they change to match the new reality. And a lot of older people either can’t change/ put in that kind of training or don’t want to.

I’m glad I was able to pivot to a new thing. I feel very very grateful and lucky.

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