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Miss America Missteps June 5, 2018

Posted by geoff in News.

They’ve done gone and kilt Boy Scouts (now “Scouts BSA”) and the Miss America pageant looks like it’s soon to follow:

Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition and will no longer judge contestants based on physical appearance, the organization announced Tuesday.

“We are no longer a pageant,” Gretchen Carlson, the first former Miss America to be named chair of the Board of Trustees of the Miss America Organization, said on “GMA.” “We are a competition.”

They’re also bagging the evening gown event. So what are they going to emphasize instead?

“Who doesn’t want to be empowered, learn leadership skills and pay for college and be able to show the world who you are as a person from the inside of your soul.”

She continued, “That’s what we’re judging them on now.”

Sounds like a boring episode of The Apprentice (full disclosure – I’ve never watched The Apprentice*).

I look at it as: you can either remove the beauty factor from the pageant, in an effort to highlight their other attributes. Or, you can highlight those attributes while fully displaying the contestants’ beauty, showing a complete image of strong, intelligent, talented, and, yes, beautiful, women.

I fear that removing the admittedly eye candy part of the competition is going to trade a teachable moment for an unwatchable moment.

*Actually, I haven’t watched the Miss America Pageant in 40 years either**
**But I have seen Miss Congeniality***


1. Jimbro - June 5, 2018

Viewership? What is the number next to nil?

Only a matter of time before an alternative, more profitable version shows up.

2. Cathy - June 5, 2018

I watched pageants as a girl. I remember when the swimsuit competition required ladies to wear one-piece suits — most of them with a horizontal panel in the front to keep us from seeing the crotch area. I dreamt about being a contestant but never pursued it. One of my girlfriends ended up in the Miss Missouri pageant twice. She did very well in BOTH and was able to use her scholarship money to attend university, and become an opera singer and music teacher. Back then contestants had to be smart, pretty, graceful, college-bound young ladies. Nothing wrong with that. It was cool.

What is going on now? I think they’re getting rid of the evening gowns also. I don’t watch pageants anymore, but I agree with Jimbro. They made a bad decision and dug their own grave.

They will be replaced. Not sure I’ll watch.

3. Retired Geezer - June 5, 2018

For a couple of years, until they changed venues, I had the honor and privilege of doing the Lighting for “Miss Amazing”. It’s a Pageant for girls with special needs.
Best Pageant ever.

For five years the Idaho Miss Amazing Pageant has been celebrating the multi-faceted identities, valuable abilities and strengths of girls and women with disabilities. Idaho Miss Amazing is so much more than a pageant. It is a platform for girls and women with disabilities to share their abilities and ambitions. It is an experience that inspires all people to empower themselves and each other.

4. Tiresias J. Rando - June 6, 2018

Fin factoid: many films get different titles for overseas markets. Miss Congeniality was also titled Secret Agent Catwalk.

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