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Wild Horse Island at Sunset July 7, 2018

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1. Sobek - July 7, 2018

I’m at Scout Camp for a week, and it turns out that other than driving the boys to and from the camp, I have no responsibilities here. So I guess I have time to draw now.

2. Jimbro - July 8, 2018

Where is that island?

3. Jimbro - July 8, 2018

Our traditional week at Camp Squanto was first week of July. Many fond memories for this Eagle Scout.

4. Sobek - July 8, 2018

Flathead Lake, northwestern Montana.

5. geoff - July 8, 2018

Many fond memories for this Eagle Scout.

Only made Life, myself. I even did the project, but earning the rest of the merit badges was too boring.

6. Sobek - July 8, 2018

I was a lifer, too, Geoff.

*fist bump*

7. Jimbro - July 8, 2018

If it were not for my mother I’d be in the Life club too. My older brother had his Eagle and younger brother was racking up badges in the quest. I had already done my project and needed to write it up and earn a required badge, Emergency Preparedness. My mom guilted me into it. She was right of course. It was a nice gift for my parents who had been involved with Scouting from our elementary school days to my dad serving as our Scoutmaster for years.

8. Sobek - July 8, 2018

In my experience, if the scout master knows what he’s doing and is really invested in the program, most or all of the boys will make eagle. It’s a rare boy indeed who gets an eagle on his own motivation. I had everything I needed but the project, but no one ever discussed how to do an eagle project with me. I’m not blaming anyone else, but I do regret not finishing it out.

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