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Zombie See-Dubya Emerges July 17, 2018

Posted by geoff in News.

A few of us were graced with an email from the long-absent See-Dubya (former proprietor of JunkyardBlog and regular at Ace’s and here). He apparently surfaced recently to write an article on defending gun rights. You may enjoy it here:

The Siege of Minas Tirith or How to Turn Fudds Into Gun Rights Supporters


1. Jimbro - July 17, 2018

Good writing

2. Cathy - July 17, 2018

Great post. Thanks Geoff. I like the analogy of attacks on the outer rings. And it works for more issues than gun rights.

Our outer rings are more secure if we understand and communicate the basic proclamations of the Constitution, like…

We are a republic, not a democracy. The tyranny of the majority should not rule us.

Our rights are given by God not by humans or governments. The government is supposed to work for us.

Any notion that when crisis hits ‘there ought to be a law passed against that’ is smacked down more easily in debate when we offer examples from history and how the Constitution drawn up by the founding fathers already covers that. We don’t need more laws. We should instead challenge our government to follow laws laid out in and in conformance to the Constitution — and then they will more likely be obeyed by the people. And if not obeyed, then there are consequences — and that’s a good thing.

Laws are designed to ‘curb outrageous behavior’ not to control or enslave people. Sometimes things will fall through the cracks. That’s life. Justice is what we can demand from legitimate authority of government, not fairness.

Our rights laid out in the Constitution are more about freedoms from government rule than about our being taken care of by government.

I see this analogy offered by See-Dubya of the ‘outer ring’ as our Constitution.

Wanna protect our ‘Minas Tirith’ ??? Hillsdale College regularly offers a FREE online course on the Constitution. Also, W. Cleon Skousen has a great book called “The Five Thousand Year Leap.” I find both valuable to me as a warrior trying to hold safe the outer ring.

3. Retired Geezer - July 17, 2018

Good post, geoff and good comment, Cathy.

See-Dubya is on Fire!

4. See-Dubya - July 18, 2018

Gracias, Geoff & Bystanders!

–Friendly lurking zombie See-dub

PS Braaaainz!

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