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Snowy Egret August 1, 2018

Posted by Sobek in News.


Per Laura’s suggestion, I colored in the background and then erased out the bird. I’m okay with the result, but I think the effect might need nicer if I had darkened the background more, for better contrast.

Smaller than a Great Egret and larger than a Cattle Egret, and while both of those have yellow beaks, this guy has a black beak. The legs are yellow and black.


1. Sobek - August 1, 2018

And check out how long those toes are.

2. lauraw - August 2, 2018

Very nice rendering. Those are some wicked long toes. Yeah, I was talking a really dark blackish background. I had this one art professor who was always telling me to get more aggressive with shading/ blackness/ background depth. And he was right. White doesn’t pop, without true dark black.

3. lauraw - August 2, 2018

I love the rendering on the head. The extra curves on the neck, the bill, the eye. Very nice.

4. Sobek - August 2, 2018

Lack of courage on my part. I guess that’s because it’s a new technique for me. I’ll try this again for the Great Egret and really go for it.

5. Cathy - August 2, 2018

Great Sobek. Love your work — as always.

Yeah… Agree with Laura. I had an art prof take us through exercises in ONLY illustrating the ‘negative space’ in our work — just to see how important it is. It taught us a lot about shading.

6. lauraw - August 2, 2018

Lack of courage on my part.

It’s just paper and pigment, man. Burn it up.

7. Sobek - August 2, 2018

And time.

8. lauraw - August 2, 2018

Ah, well.

9. Sobek - August 2, 2018

But fortune favors the bold, so I’m going for it.

10. Retired Geezer - August 2, 2018

… fortune favors the bold…

Wait, what?
I always thought that saying was ‘fortune favors the bald’.

*rethinks spending $1000 on Lottery scratch off tickets*

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