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September 2018 Employment Report September 7, 2018

Posted by geoff in News.

The Employment Situation Summary report is out today, with some accolades from the press for “Higher Than Expected Job Growth“. By the IB employment metric, however, we’ve had no real progress in almost a year.


The IB metric is a harsh one, only counting full-time jobs, and dividing by the civilian non-institutional population rather than the working population. But it’s a fair measure of how tough life is: it counts how many people with decent jobs are supporting how many people.

And by that measure, we’ve stalled out since last September. At least we’re still above 0.5, though.


1. lauraw - September 7, 2018


2. Cathy - September 8, 2018

Thanks, Geoff.

3. Nan G - September 8, 2018

Obama took credit for the roaring economy, etc.
It’s true the recovery, the weakest one since ???, began under him.
If it hadn’t we’d have had the worst depression counting The Depression!
But, to the extent he could, before getting “shellacked,” Obama throttled the recovery with taxes and regulations that are being undone even now.


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