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Hey October 23, 2018

Posted by Sobek in News.



1. Cathy - October 23, 2018

Just finished making 15 quilts.

Gone back to naturally curly hair.

Won another award at a classic car show.

Mentoring a sweet, smart, lovely fourth grade gal.

Making regular visitations with elderly gal in retirement home.

Buying more ammo to ‘welcome’ that eminent mob of foreign invaders 😉 .

‘Sup with you…?

2. Retired Geezer - October 23, 2018

Sobek could be entertaining us with some more sketches/paintings/photography instead of writing elaborate blog posts.

3. Cathy - October 23, 2018

Geezer, you’re not getting out of this that easily.

So ‘sup up.

4. Retired Geezer - October 23, 2018

Oh I remember I was going to post this for Cathy:

5. Sobek - October 24, 2018

That’s a lot of sup, Cathy. Were you using a straightening iron on your hair before?

Cathy - October 24, 2018

Yeah, Sobek. I was doing something more permanent, a ‘Brazilian Brushout’ which had to be done by a professional. The hair gets infused with a Keratin treatment and kinda permanently ironed into the hair shafts. It keeps the hair straight and sleek. Mighta looked good but not really great for the hair, and is expensive to get done as the hair grows out.

Pajama Momma turned me onto the ‘CurlyGirl Method.’ No sulfates. No silicones. Use more conditioner to fight frizz and don’t comb hair with regular brushes or combs — mostly fingers. Let the natural curl form curls and locks while wet, and keep the curls and locks with products that are CurlyGirl approved. I didn’t know my hair was so curly.

I miss the IB Partay crowd and sure hope others here put in their ‘sup up so we can change the subject.


Cathy - October 24, 2018

Geezer, thank you for the music vid. Yup! Psalm 121. Well done. Special hugs for you and Mrs. Geez. Wanna visit you guys with hubby when he retires. Maybe with a tear-drop. Just dreams right now.

6. jam2 - October 26, 2018

Sobek wins the October laconic post award.

7. Sobek - October 26, 2018

Jam, that’s…

8. Cathy - October 26, 2018

*checks definition of laconic*

9. Jimbro - October 27, 2018

So breviloquent …

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