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Unclear on the Concept… November 13, 2018

Posted by geoff in News.

…of capitalism. Target wants to close two underperforming stores in south Chicago, which is an economically depressed area.

Target, which descended on the Chicago area with its Greatland outlets in the early 1990s, is closing six stores next year in Illinois, New York, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Two Illinois locations are closing and both are in South Side neighborhoods, Chatham and Morgan Park. …

In other words, the South Side loses again. Hundreds of workers will be displaced. Nearby stores that rely on Target as an anchor will suffer. And left behind? Two vacant behemoths, each the size of three football fields.

So far nothing out of the ordinary. Businesses close underperforming stores all the time. But since this one is in an economically depressed area, Target is catching extra flak.

A group rallied on Monday in an effort to save two Target stores on Chicago’s South Side. Target recently announced plans to close stores in the Morgan Park and Chatham neighborhoods.

“We are demanding that Target rescind its decision,” said U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush.

Rush is threatening a Black Friday boycott if Target does not reverse its decision to close two of its South Side stores.

And this is where their brilliance shines. By depressing sales during the hottest sales event of the year, they’ll be convincing Target that their decision was absolutely correct.

So all their protesting and boycotting is/will be completely counterproductive. That, combined with their unconvincing social justice arguments for keeping the stores opened, means that this community is doomed to economic mediocrity at best.

It’s really time that conservatives and/or the GOP started formulating and executing plans to improve the lots of those trapped under Democratic rule.


1. Jimbro - November 13, 2018

Target? I only use them for their restrooms.

2. Retired Geezer - November 14, 2018

*wonders about Jimbro’s ‘Wide Stance’.

3. lauraw - November 16, 2018

I had an idea probably a decade ago about conservatives sponsoring small business schools in and around urban centers. Once you understand money and freedom, you can’t be gulled by the Left’s lies anymore.

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