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Christmas according to Kids December 4, 2018

Posted by Retired Geezer in Fashion.

I think I posted this before. It’s pretty funny.

I just noticed that it has 60 million views!


1. Retired Geezer - December 4, 2018

The adults doing the acting are hilarious.

2. lauraw - December 5, 2018

They did an amazing job of doing their lines. Hilarious. Gold, Frankenstein, and Myrrh. Too much.

3. Bunk Strutts - December 14, 2018

Now let’s see one where adults try to remember the story. Okay, so Joseph was forced to travel on foot to pay his taxes and Mary somehow got preggo by someone other than Joseph and the eventually came to an inn (that was a building made of clay with 3 or 4 rooms) and the innkeeper told them all he had left was the sheep shed, but it would cost them. Then Mary gave birth.

That’s kind of what I recall, but I wasn’t there.

4. Bunk Strutts - December 14, 2018

And then Mary gave birth to a son, and gave him a latino name before latinos had been invented.

Okay, I’ll stop right here. I don’t want to end up in H-E-double hockey sticks.

5. Saturday Matinee – Christmas According To Kids | Tacky Raccoons - December 15, 2018

[…] when you ask a bunch of little kids to tell the story of Christmas with adult cameo actors. [Found here. Those below were found by U-Toobage association, and they’re entirely […]

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