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Interesting gif for Geoff December 13, 2018

Posted by lumps in Economics, History, Obama's Legacy.

He’s theeees close to saying “I told you so!”

Hit play and watch China.


1. Jimbro - December 13, 2018

Great gif

Needs an ominous soundtrack

2. geoff - December 13, 2018

Note that the China GDP takes off right after the 1999 handoff of Hong Kong. That was the catalyst for China’s economic explosion.

3. Sobek - December 13, 2018

This is a great post title is you pronounce it like “jiff.”

4. Sobek - December 13, 2018

Also acceptable: “A j-reat jiff for geoff.”

5. Bunk Strutts - December 14, 2018

Yes. This happened.

6. Bunk Strutts - December 15, 2018

Here’s a link to the source video:

7. National Gross Domestic Hot Links | Tacky Raccoons - December 16, 2018

[…] Top 10 GDP By Country 1960-2017 is an interesting graph animation. Russia fell off the map in 1993 and didn’t make the Top 10 for 20 years. China made the list in 1993, and look what they’ve accomplished since then. [Found via here]. […]

8. geoff - December 19, 2018

He’s theeees close to saying “I told you so!”

I’ve been biting my tongue for a while now.

9. geoff - December 19, 2018

Also acceptable: “A j-reat jiff for geoff.”

“Choosy mothers choose geoff!”

10. Abu Qalam - December 22, 2018

So, Geoff: do you think we’re headed for a bipolar world, with the US competing with China as it did with the Soviet Union, or a unipolar world, where China supplants the US?

11. geoff - December 23, 2018

China certainly wants it to be a unipolar world. Russia wants it to be a bipolar world until they get their shot. The US doesn’t know what it wants.

Abu Qalam Al-Hindi - December 23, 2018

I agree with you regarding the intentions for China and Russia and regarding The United States’ cluelessness. But when you say Russia would like a bipolar world, who would the superpowers be? Russia and The United States or Russia and China?

That said, my opinion is that Russia can only become a regional superpower at most. Never again a world superpower. But China has the ability to become a regional power (as it is), a regional superpower (as it seems to soon become in the power vacuum left by The United States’ withdrawal from active engagement), a world superpower, and perhaps even hegemon (which is what they’re aiming for, and can achieve if The United States don’t get their act together). What do you think about Russia’s potential?


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