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Venom vs. A Star is Born December 27, 2018

Posted by geoff in Movies, News.

Finally got around to seeing Venom. I wanted to see it back when it came out, but my brother’s girlfriend made us all go watch A Star is Born instead. A Star is Born was pretty good, but I figured it was no Venom.

Until I saw Venom.

Here’s how they compare:

A Star is Born Venom
Plot You knew what was going to happen before you walked into the theater, so N/A, I guess? You knew what was going to happen 5 minutes after you walked into the theater, so slight advantage to Venom?
Action In this case, “Action” = “Music” which was outstanding. Meh. No tension and no amazing moments.
Babes Flunk. Double Flunk.
Repartee None. The only fun part of the movie.

So, surprisingly similar. Very basic plots, no compelling action, no eye candy: it comes down to songs vs. fun dialog.

I guess another difference would be movie prep: bring tissues to A Star is Born and alcohol to Venom.

Although the lost opportunity that was Venom might make you weep.


1. jam2 - December 27, 2018

nice run-down.
helps me to make informed decisions on whether to stay home or not go.

2 thumbs up!

2. geoff - December 27, 2018

Rewatched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies last night. More entertaining than either of the movies above.

3. skinbad - January 1, 2019

I saw some terrible Venom reviews so wasn’t excited when brother-in-law announced the viewing a couple of nights ago. I liked it better than I thought I was going to. Two thumbs aight.

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